Emoji have become accustomed to humans and are used extensively in everyday communication. We often write messages than call or talk in person. But the desire to Express the source of their emotions have not disappeared. Here revenues come emoticons, which help us to Express your feelings when the other person doesn't see our responses to events and can't to hear it in the intonation.

Emoticons bright, cute and intuitive. Visually we perceive messages better than if they are "encoded" in the text. The use of special symbols is logical and justified for the Millennials and the people who adhere to the informal style in communication.


A companies tend to talk with their clients on one language. They select the appropriate tone of voice and define the archetype close buyers. This led to the idea to become "easier" to communicate and to use emojis along with text references.

There are General rules that you should consider if you decide to use emoji:

  1. the
  2. If the picture is similar to some part of the human body, it is better to exclude entirely, to avoid confusion; the
  3. Spray water and other liquids, too, are perceived ambiguously – do not risk;

Bananas, peaches and strawberries leave for culinary portals, where they belong;

the do Not insert negative emotions, and they are enough of your customers, be positive;

the you do Not need to insert all the possible options of emoticons – get "oil is oil";

the Check the value of the pictures in emojipedia.org.



a Number studies conducted by the test showed that moderate and appropriate use Emoji in the topics of emails and promotional texts increases conversion rate and other indicators of involvement by 5-30% depending on industry and business specifics. The conversion of this increases to 10%, which not very bad.

Suitable the emoticons will "place" in the lists of retail campaigns below to highlight your subject against the background of other mass emails. Especially works well if you pick up the perfect visualization type "airplane", for proposals for the sale aviaturov or "cat" for advertising grooming salon. And "red dress" will definitely attract more attention to the action of clothing than a dry text.


Eminent brands create their own "badges" that help to increase the loyalty of their buyers. There are some good examples, when only only one character will replace a string of text and will look steeper and more emotional. However, one should not forget that in addition to emoticons for achieving a good conversion are also important subject and the relevance of the information.


Daring to use in its communication, visual elements, remember that they not appropriate in a "serious" business proposals. Where rational choice prevails over emotional. If your organization has investment business, working with corporate sector clients or provides specific services (e.g., ritual) the humor here is not needed as well as graphic icons.


Special characters will attract the attention of adult people, older than 55 years, but it is unlikely they like. Rather, they may consider such presentation of information is bad manners. Keep this in mind if you work in a pharmacy and develop advertising for pensioners. "Green face with protruding tongue, on which are painted the dollar" is more likely to be associated with something unpleasant, rather than favorable price offer.

Think how to communicate with your customers is often whether they are in business correspondence inserted informal signs. This will help to decide whether it is appropriate for your business Emoji in advertising and circulation email newsletter.

in summary, it is worth noting that many people have a positive attitude to unconventional the information messages. In the huge flow of letters is easier to capture the essence "caught" eyes behind the familiar icon than to read the message from a few words. Be concise and emotional measure.

see also: "Do good, not advertising".