All entrepreneurs dream of loyal customers who promote the brand method OBS. This method is old as the world. About it tell students lectures. He is one of the most coveted marketing tools any of the company. Because OBS is the most effective, but cheap in money expression. This method stands for just "One woman said." The second title, "word of mouth". The essence of it in the recommendations give users of your product voluntarily. Because they love your product and they like to present it in society. Product information or service is broadcast to the masses by the buyers, not the organization. But this attitude, of course, must be earned. br>

Formalization and processes

Speaking on customer loyalty, we should not forget that it leads to a long and thorny way to establish business processes within the organization. Roughly, if you have a defective product, "of ham" sellers, or worse, you don't keep your word, to dream about the appearance brand ambassadors untimely. You would not lose the final those who decided to buy.


Remember, your service or product needs to be not just good, they have to be superior to the person I wanted to recommend to a friend your company. There's a place of emotion, of love for the brand. The desire to give you money, mixed with the joy of owning the product. The lawyer of the brand will be to appreciate the brand and believe him. Bad customer service trust to build is difficult. br>


Surprise – it always works. In one of the dental clinics washed and dried visitors shoes, while they communicate with the doctor, if the weather is not went wrong. The staff cared for a forgotten toy and has published her photo on their Instagram until the hostess came back for her.

insanely The touching story of superior customer service has occurred. once in the USA. When the airline delayed the flight for its customer. is he he hurried to the hospital to his mother and was late for a connecting flight. Staff airlines have done everything so that a person has time to say goodbye to the hospital mother and their efforts were not in vain.


In The head of the WOW service is always care and love. Often, it's not worth it. big money, such as in the case of shoe shine. This is something like: “Dress warmly” or “Call when you reach.” Something not super important but so emotional. I want to share this.

They say it here

Social networks have become a place of accumulation of personal opinions and expert tips. In their personal accounts, people share positive experiences, associated with the use of a product or service. Often, they are in the details describe exactly what they liked, and call on their subscribers and friends "get closer" to get acquainted with your favorite brand. Thank them for reviews, because recommendations work better than any paid advertising.


Great, if opinion leaders and respected people write about you, then the effect will be large-scale. Such ambassadors have many followers who strive to be like them. The reach and involvement of such posts is higher than in the case of regular paid advertising communication, and therefore the result in the form of sales growth will not be long in coming.

Advocacy - as a logical conclusion

Considering word of mouth as one of the marketing channels of interaction with It’s important for the audience to remember that investing in loyal customers is long term investments. This channel has high scalability. There are practically no restrictions. In this channel you can grow with moderate budgets and quite a long time.


speaking in the language of social relations, brand advocates are spouses. They like company and feel free to show their feelings. "Divorce" in such situations are likely only if you, as a partner, will not comply with your obligations.

Be honest, love and take care of your customers. Keep in touch proper communication, and your brand will live long and happy a life.

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