Now there will be 20 minutes of nonsense - switch. Turn on the blocker in the browser. ABOUT, started, turn off the sound. Are you familiar with these phrases? Exactly, they are about advertising. People are tired of obsessive videos and endless promises. In their minds a filter has formed that cuts off unnecessary information.

People more often conduct "investigations" than trust videos on the screens. If a before the information could not be verified, now there is mass of tools. Even just googling is more useful than watching a video or “buy” on a tempting banner.

Partly it happened because brands lied while creating ads, exaggerating and promising a pipe dream. Lost trust is hard restore. Companies need to set up quality emotional communication. I want to watch and accept.


Checklist for creating a prominent message

Notice how you make the purchase decision and break down this process into components:

  • Desire for the product;
  • Membership in a specific user group or class;
  • Mental affinity with the brand.

Let us consider in more detail each of the points.


Desire own the product

Some people think that rational reasons can lead to a purchase. product, simply because it is right, useful, or profitable. But neuropsychologists, conducting research, experimentally proved that it not this way. No purchases are made based on rational advantages. We make any choice emotionally. If we like for some reason, packaging, music, smell or taste of the product, we will buy it.


Speaking about buying complex mechanisms and machines, we focus on seller’s product awareness, service and other emotional components. How was the meeting, did you like the people who were at her. If the first touch occurred without human intervention, then we are in First of all, let's pay attention to what benefits the product gives us, and not on the list of technical specifications.


Man social being, it is very important for him to feel involved in the life of a particular group or class of people. If the company decides to be a brand for everyone, it will not be seen by anyone in the end. By creating ads, make one emotional message in it for a certain group of people. For example, if you sell evening dresses of the middle + segment, then you it is worth showing in your address a good restaurant, a well-groomed girl and a wealthy young man next to her, because it’s in such Your client in an evening dress wants to be the place and company. She wants to be beautiful and desirable.


If your target audience is tourists, then you should show them romance hiking and the joy of overcoming the peaks. If you shoot a movie in which the consultant will tell you what fabric the backpack is made of and how much he will fit "liters of things", no one wants to go camping with him. People will think about how hard it is to carry it and whether it will get wet under the rain. These are not the thoughts that inspire you to make a purchase.

Brand mental affinity

Buyers associate themselves with the brands that they choose. This cool one, he has "Lexus", so you can all beep on the road. And this simple "like two pennies, ”he hates pink and vanilla ice cream. If a positioning is not correct, the effect of advertising will be zero. Who will buy a city crossover if you put a granny behind his wheel and show on the speedometer 40 km / h. Yes, and pick a color for him green. Your audience will say “are you serious?” And go to the competition.

Speaking emotional closeness must not be forgotten and desires, as they want See your brand buyers. If everyone has been reading the news in feeds for a long time social networks, you should not “force” buyers to write out your paper newspaper. Go online or change your target audience to 60+.


To see is to believe

Sometimes, the most important thing we cannot distinguish. You can only feel it and want to. If your communication responds with the necessary emotion in the mind people will notice her. Be decisive, open, and present real emotions and maybe your work next year will take the grand prix at Cannes Film Festival.

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