talk about trends you can and even need, but how do you like the idea of creating them? Creature something new is not always doomed to success, but to go with the flow is not the most winning tactics. To be the locomotive and take the right ones Decisions are important to understand. What exactly do people want.

The bottom line advertising communication - personalization. This is the most important thing happened with advertising and brought it to a new stage of development. All people not depending on their status, hobbies and age they want to see personalized content. Previously, marketers described targeted groups to which similar needs, now they have the opportunity to collect "dossiers" on every user who interacts with ads.


Namely personalization determines the active development of communication channels, which we will discuss in the article.

Native content

Nativeness - This is when advertising looks like useful content. Growth is associated with this the popularity of video channels with various life hacks and useful videos. In this case, either in the video itself or in the comments to them is mentioned the name of the product or brand that created this video in the ad purposes.


Here the same applies to articles in electronic or print media, depending on advertiser audience interests. Good expert article or the interview will work longer compared to seasonal advertising companies and bring sales.

Popular Now it’s becoming a topic of PR on socially sensitive issues, such as ecology, demography, child mortality and difficult working conditions. Issues of gender equality and freedom of perception also have a place to be, if they are close to your potential customers.


involvement in advertising content through gamification gives good results. This the trend will continue, as it is due to the growing popularity chat bots and interactive applications. VR / AR apps and offline Activations attract large audiences of curious users. Bye for for many, this is still a curiosity to try.


But not only virtual reality is able to captivate and surprise the audience. Quizzes, polls with personal prizes and any interactive content. He, as well as possible, reveals the essence. After all, if user can interact with your ad and change it, it become his personal.


untwisted no one believes the channels of celebrities and public people. Everybody understood what they say on behalf of brands and the level of involvement of people in such posts dropped sharply. Therefore, advertisers have “rolled horses” in the side of microinfluencers with up to 100K subscribers. Cost their advertising placement is lower, and trust and perception of information so far keep good performance.


Video content

Video continues to build muscle. This is due not so much to human laziness to read long articles, how much confident development of sites for this kind of content. Most audiences collect live streams and real, unedited live content.

By the way, no one has canceled longrides, they still give good traffic and increase brand loyalty, so you should alternate and mix platforms for greater interaction. They say that now before the adoption purchase decisions need at least five points of customer touch with the product or company. So the communication strategy in different channels should be thought out and agreed upon.


В the dry residue is highly dependent on the industry and type of activity the company and most importantly - its business tasks. If an online retailer wants to open an offline store, as Amazon did, you will need to display part of communication on TV and boards. If you need a new segment buyers, you can target the network on their interests. Do not forget about remarketing, because re-purchase is much easier to decide if Of course, the previous experience was successful.

Think and always act on purpose. And yet, set yourself ambitious goals and then your ad will find the right and conversion vector.

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