New Year's time - a time of miracles, gifts and additional sales. All retailers prepare for this moment in advance, coming up with special offers and gifts. But how to tell the buyer about them? You can call, but it labor-intensive and not always cheap. You can give advertising ads. In this case, the price tag may be even higher than in the case of dialing. There is another sales channel. Which may be the most profitable in terms of cost, implementation and effectiveness. This is an email mailing list.

Some, particularly successful email campaigns work with a conversion rate of 30%. Not every ad can boast of such results. communication or online store manager. And if your customer base does not exceed the order of 2000 clients, then you can write at the same time without paying a license to use specialized services.


Agree + 30% to sales just during the preparation of one letter is excellent result. Of course, you need to know some simple rules about which we We will tell you now.

First Golden Rule

The subject of the letter should be intriguing. Do not use the phrases a la "super offer; discounts -90% and have time to buy " - this is a bad manners. It is better that it meets the usual request of the user when he searches for your product. For example: "your offers on the city portal" or "city site. advertising ". Unusual topics work well, such as: "want to place an ad on Mars" or "Santa has already read your announcement."


In general, there is only one recommendation for the texts - they should be written in simple language in a friendly tone.

Second Golden Rule

Number The information in the letter should be limited to two to three paragraphs. Not try to tell your whole story, it is not necessary and not interesting to your customers. If you are writing about a New Year's promotion, do not add to Description of other products. Let the emphasis be on gift units.


Check spelling. Check again. And it will not hurt a third time. After all, even minor typos will not speak about your benefits. In the text also do not use loud slogans "about the last opportunity buy ”and an incredibly unique 99% discount. Nobody has been in these things for a long time believes.

better prove to the person the usefulness of your proposal. Create extra value and don't forget a few words about why your product The best choice for a Christmas tree.

Third Golden Rule

not write too often, then your messages will be perceived normal and do not go the second time to the spam folder. One message a week is more than enough, well, a maximum of two. And then if the information right very urgent. Respect the time of your customers. And then they will be Loyal to your company and interested in receiving news.


A few words about services

To automate the process of sending letters, you can use special services, for example:

  • Mailchimp;
  • Sendpulse;
  • eSputnik;
  • GetResponse.

All services in the basic functionality are similar and allow you to create text and graphic letters, add logo and copyright, contacts and links to product cards in the online store. After sending the newsletter, you You can track the statistics and see:

  • How many users have opened e-mail;
  • How many of them went to the site;
  • Which links they clicked on.


A with correctly configured Google Analytics - which units are they bought and for what amount. In addition to a convenient constructor and reporting, services allow you to group customers into those who were involved in previous communications and the rest. Conditionally in a month, you will have three bases:

  • Read and follow links;
  • Read but don’t click;
  • Don't read.

to them it will be possible to send different information and thereby make communication more personalized. Of course, in advanced versions of programs there is more functionality, but not everyone needs it. If the base small customers, you can safely start with free versions.


Parameters free version for:

  • Mailchimp: 2,000 subscribers and no more than 12,000 e-mail per month.
  • Sendpulse: up to 2,500 contacts.
  • eSputnik includes: the first 2,500 shipments, then 0.05 UAH for each subsequent one.
  • GetResponse - the first 30 days are free, then depending on the chosen tariff plan.

I want note that such a communication channel is quite simple in use, effective and does not require special skills. Enough basic level in copyright and care. And sales growth will not force wait a long time.

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