About passive income, a business that makes itself, dreams, perhaps every entrepreneur. There are factories in China already, human labor replaced by robots capable of working without weekends, holidays, and lunch break. They don’t even need lighting. AND although for most such innovations remain a distant future, already Now there are niches that are fully automated, and practically no need to attract additional staff.



Online Store does not require premises and staff of sales consultants. Range advertise dynamic banners, and the store itself is customizable contextual advertising company. If the client needs a consultation - chat the bot, using special algorithms and scripts, will professionally respond to all questions, and provide all the necessary information about the goods, services and promotions. An automatic order form will not only make a purchase, but also collects all the necessary data for you, including contact phone, instant messengers and e-mail. It is using them that the mailing service send a letter, sms or voice message, in which he wishes you happy birth, talk about the new arrival of goods, notify about the sale or personal offer.


Info Business

Sale training courses and information products are also streamlined. Speak the text on the recorder, and the computer program will make it into article or chapter of the book, correcting errors along the way, and placing signs punctuation. In a couple of clicks, the text document will become a pdf-edition, with high-quality illustrations and built-in hyperlinks. Programs able to test test homework no worse than most teacher. Automated sales tunnels will hold potential the client from acquaintance with your USP to purchase, simultaneously warming it up interest and selling related offers.


Media and blogging

in computer collection mechanisms already exist hot news programs in various fields and areas, therefore the prospect of replacing copywriters and journalists with automatic machines in the near future the future is more than real. Autoposting can be configured for any time period, and with the help of synchronization cross-sharing will multiply material, and will publish it immediately in all social networks. You will be left conclude agreements on advertising, and skim cream.


Already in 2019 may disappear as unnecessary and many offline profession. Partially, bank employees have already taken over ATMs, and the terminals "learned" to accept utility bills and repayment on loans. Smart machines will soon be able to approve or reject loans and microloans, and then the banking sector is waiting for massive reductions.

System supermarkets abolished sellers. Now it’s the cashier’s turn, because now in some large cities automatic box office. The buyer himself scans the barcode, bringing the goods to a special to the device, and pays for the purchase with a credit card.


next in the list of extras and accountants, as well as financial analysts. By the developed schemes and algorithms are not difficult for computer programs gather the necessary information base, analyze and to group.

But replaced by obsolete, new specialties from the IT sphere come, Robotics and computer software. So without work people are not will stay. In addition, despite all the advantages and opening automation prospects, many entrepreneurs are in no hurry give up human labor. After all, unlike bots working stereotyped, people can improvise, act creatively, accept non-standard solutions, and provide the very individual approach and quality service, which is often crucial when customers choosing a product or service.

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