Today, the Internet is a junkyard with a lot of tips to promote business, a lot of books containing “universal effective methods for any enterprise”, and we are trying to invent something like that. There is always something that works for one business, and is useless for another. There is no universal working model for everyone, but there are a lot of outdated tools.

Therefore, let’s analyze several inefficient methods of promotion of business in the modern world.

Site on the free platform

Some time ago it was an extremely popular and quite effective promotion tool. Hand-made sites were available to almost everyone and brought a considerable profit. However, today the user is so spoiled that such a resource simply won’t attract his attention. It looks like saving on the Internet resource, which is really useless, because the online market is one of the key markets where you need to have a smart effective tool. The website that is made correctly, oriented on your business and personalized for a client, then he will be pleasantly interested, and owner will have a profit.


So, you should not trust the bright ads and pay any attention to the slogans. Even if you make a website on the platform, in a couple months you would love to have a professional resource, so it’s better to do it correctly and beautifully right away, asking for help of marketing and promotion experts.

To spend money on contextual advertising, if your product is unknown.

When you launch a start-up, it makes no sense to invest in contextual advertising or "frantic" SEO. Nobody will look for you - they don’t know you. And if someone says that SEO has magnificently helped him, it does not mean at all that you’ll reach the same result. First of all, analyze whether the target audience knows about the product or service, how well everyone is informed about this niche, and then move forward. In order to save money, start promotion of the product with social media campaign, and then a brilliant SEO. If earlier everyone rushed to SEO promotion, then today it may turn out to be useless. The main thing is a competent approach!


Invest in advertising "on the streets" instead of social media.

If you are the "old school" person and are used to flyers, billboards, advertising on the seats of a minibus, then we say that your customers watch their phones more often than on the minibus seats. Forget about useless advertising sites from the past. We do not consider unique cases where social media are ineffective, such as selling compost, although here you can already argue. Old school is no longer working.


Flooding the site with keywords

Just a few years ago you could find a huge text at the bottom of the page, with nothing more than a dozen keywords. This was done in order to increase the relevance of the page. In addition, it is often hidden from the user's eyes so that only the search robot can read them. Today, if any search engine read such text on the site will consider it as spam and this page may be rejected for 100 pages for a long time. Therefore, avoid such methods and do everything correctly and beautifully. This also includes purchasing a large number of links. First of all, this is a violation of the rules of webmasters, and secondly, everything was done in the past that worsened this method beyond recognition.


A huge amount of different content

Today you need to make quality content instead of quantity. It makes no sense to publish 10 articles of low quality for indexation or because it is so necessary. For the user, as for the search engine today, the quality of the content, the variety, the availability of competent keywords, pictures and semantic value are important.