Michael Drobot, advertising specialist, once said: "Creativity - is something that is very difficult to hide", but plunging into the modern world of advertising and marketing, you realize that many of them hide their creativity very well. Or do they not have it at all? People have long ceased to trust advertising, with each year the percentage of trusting people trusting decreases in favor of native advertising, where cliches, stamps, beaten clips, beautiful pictures, etc. are absent. Everyone wants to appear creative, using the same techniques, the same tools. And even the same phrases.

Each intermediary, not just the manufacturer, operates with the phrases “the best product”, “high efficiency”, “highest quality” and others, without even thinking about whether it really is. Today we will examine the most common phrases - clichés, which are used in marketing to attract customers, but push them away without causing confidence.

1. "We use only innovative \ newest \ newest methods ..."

This phrase and its derivatives were new at the beginning of the century, when the post-soviet world began to learn the technologies of the Western world. At that time this phrase was true and really inspired confidence, since these “technologies” were visible. Today, everyone has access to innovations and in order to grow and develop they must be used.

Instead, think about the key features of your product and highlight one - distinctive, write about it in more detail and explain to the user the benefit instead of the beaten phrase “the newest methods”.


2. "We give a 100% guarantee"

In fact, this is deception of clean water to attract a client, and the client knows it. 100% guarantee is rarely given at all, there are exceptions in global companies that are confident in the quality of their goods and absolutely will not suffer from a meager return. But the percentage of these companies is small. Therefore, do not say anything you are not sure about, especially if the guarantee return takes 10% of costs or more than a month.

In this case, it is better to write the truth about the rules of your guarantee. This will cause customer’s trust. What else do we need? Today, you will not make a deal on verbal stamps, you need to surprise, and the truth in advertising is surprising.

3. "Do more - spend less," or "Create once and rest"

Unfortunately, these phrases are still effective... People love a freebie, but if you are on a serious client, adequate man, he realizes that it is impossible. It is better to focus on something real that will benefit a person now, for example, compare the prices of travel vouchers with hundreds of sites at the same time.


4. "We will do everything for you"

Absolutely useless expression that does not make any sense. It is better to show the user the benefits that he will receive from using your Internet resource. And it's best done in numbers:

  • you will save 2 hours a day, thanks to optimized workflows,
  • your page will be loaded 30 seconds faster if you use this recommendation.
  • your site conversion will increase by 3%.

This data should be based on marketing research and be real. Otherwise they do not make sense. And if you order the text from a copywriter, then give it such data, otherwise it will begin to fantasize that will negatively affect the advertising company in general.

5. "The best", "Best of its kind", "World level"

This is an ode to himself. Such things should be spoken from TV screens and in glossy magazines about your business. Pulling yourself off on the pages of your site is the same as showing off among friends who know who you are and what you do. Forget about these phrases!

Think about the consumer, not about yourself. For example, the slogan of Loreal “You are worthy of it”. Seems, it improves the girl’s self-esteem, but company also declares itself with dignity.

6. “Without extra costs”, “Without additional expenses”

Instead of these cliches, it is better to write what is included in your offer. For example, if this is a VIP card for a special client, then write what benefits it provides clearly and “without water”.

7. “We will do our best”

You are not Batman, who saves Gotem, and you don’t have supernatural abilities, so don’t focus on them. Specify what your brand is ready to do for the consumer in an unusual situation, for example: “Our support line is open around the clock”, or “You will have a personal manager who is in touch from 6 AM to 12 AM”. It really means a lot for your customer.


Be unusual, speak the truth instead of the hackneyed banal phrases, improve communication with the client and think about him, and he will definitely repay you with the same.