Good afternoon, dear readers! Every day, hour and moment we all we get tons of information in our consciousness and try to digest it correctly. We are trying to find the best for ourselves problem solving options, best ways deal with stress as much as possible profitable options for earning of money. Today we want you show that sometimes you don’t need to “invent bike, ”worth a look deeper at what surrounds and you get the most benefit without continuous information flow to your address.

We want to open door and show you a proven recipe preparing a “successful business”, to be seasoned only with yours determination and creativity. No need to add anything extra! So, dish from the chef of the “CitySites restaurant chain”: franchise of the city’s news site. it a full-fledged dish that is served hot and brings incredible pleasure.

There are two basic rules of use dishes:

  • Follow the etiquette: acquiring a franchise, you get ready-made instructions, whose rules are better not to break, for then the desired result can make wait a long time or not come at all. This and true as etiquette rules, you can disrupt but in decent successful society without them you will not get.
  • Eat the dish before end, devoting him all his time and attention to taste the aroma: to business gave a result at the initial stage he needs to devote 99% of your time. But but the aftertaste .... Will be for a long time pursue in the form of pleasant cash rewards.

Many already know what for a successful business today only a smartphone is enough. That is why you will be given the opportunity use both city site and mobile attachment. The whole business is built on advertising on these platforms. And the sites themselves do not require huge costs of their maintenance and have fairly steady demand advertisers.

Business Model

  1. Opening office in the city
  2. Selection staff
  3. Launch online resources
  4. Update reference book
  5. Work over unique news content
  6. Gradual social networking development
  7. Filling interesting photo and video content
  8. Sale advertising sites

what regarding organization and structure then it is quite simple:

  1. Supervisor - usually it's you. Over time, you can take a hired employee.
  2. Edition There can be from 1 to 5 employees, which will generate interesting content, create unique projects etc. Their wages depend on quantity and quality of published news.
  3. The Department sales. Here the range is wide from 2 to 20 professionals who will seek advertisers and negotiate with them. Their salaries are highly dependent of the number of advertisers involved and the amount of advertising.

All just. Only three ingredients, one of which you!

Why CitySites - it is so simple?

we all problems have already passed and we provide clean business model without underwater stones. We give ready-made concentrate success without an admixture of failures, disappointments and losses.

  • Site will work the day after acquisitions. Only 24 hours
  • Give instructions for monetizing a site with able to accommodate up to 10 species advertising
  • Net sites have spread to 134 cities in different countries, from which you can also have extra profit
  • Adaptive business model

IN our "restaurant" CitySites " more than 4.1 million visits daily visitors throughout the network we opened more than 10 years ago and every year we will improve our dishes, "restaurants" there are in 134 cities.

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