Industry online business and e-commerce growing rapidly fast. This industry economies are developing dynamically, even when there is a general economic recession.

Engine trade has always been marketing, and the engine e-commerce - online marketing. It’s both contextual and display advertising, search engine promotion, SMM and others. And today we will consider interesting facts and figures about internet marketing, which will change your look at online promotion.

  1. 117 billion dollars was earned by companies Facebook and google two of the year back purely from advertising. What at times more than everyone else has earned The media combined.
  2. Concentration user attention per page on average is 8 seconds. Than not a reason increase page loading speed?
  3. Voice search is gaining popularity only after 2017, more than 60% of people started it use only in the last two of the year.
  4. Users love video reviews! 4 out of 5 respondents consumers prefer articles video.
  5. Pages, on which there is video content, give conversion of almost 5% (versus 2.9% without it).
  6. what regarding marketing costs then given , content marketing costs 60% cheaper than traditional. Wherein produces three times as many leads. Why pay more?
  7. 75% business people don’t use web analytics, to evaluate the effectiveness of promotion his business.
  8. A one third of entrepreneurs even approximately do not know what methods online marketing work for them as well which ones are not.
  9. Half US Internet Marketers Talk About that SEO - the most effective and profitable promotion channel.
  10. Today over 70% of content is consumed through smartphone.
    Think about quality mobile version of your resource.
  11. visual content is shared 40 times more often than any other.
  12. there is theory (and even research in this industry) that hashtags do not affect coverage. But it is not exactly! Instagram is constantly changing its algorithms and rules so yesterday's research may not be relevant Today. Use all that offers social network.
  13. 90% users on Instagram younger than 35 years old.
  14. Wae7XKn6OAuUSqj8CCSaSH8DKi1Kn3Wv.pngVideo content on YouTube channels viewed from mobile devices are much more likely than from PC.
  15. IN social networks people spend almost 2.5 hours daily!
  16. Guess what company Coca-Cola spending more money? To content or TV commercial? Right! To content for marketing goals.
  17. Only 30% of users go further than the first pages of search results in google.
  18. Risk 7% reduction in conversion gives a delay page load just for one second.
  19. If the store offers free shipping, then the average check is increased by 30%. Than not motivation?
  20. More half of users seeing contextual advertising, they don’t know that it’s advertising.
  21. Search promotion and email marketing give the highest rate return on investment return (in the e-commerce industry)

These figures and facts were not given for having you surprise or knock down, and in order to show what potential a niche has, how many possibilities are you you miss and what income you can have, using tools in full.

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