let's imagine the situation how funny and a solid, bearded man will look funny gentleman with a cane, diplomat and a cylinder on his head in the subway ... attention and whispering behind he certainly provided. And this is not at all surprisingly, since so long ago no one not getting dressed. Modern style is jeans, t-shirt and sneakers.

Much left in the past: video players, tetris, tamagotchi, yoyo, etc. Trends change every day. "Sand erases" and tricks in selling texts that in the 2010s they worked and attracted potential customers like honey bees, today cause a lot of discontent and irritation.

Antitrends of selling texts

1. To kill on the spot . There is such a chip in sales techniques when the candidate responds three times in the affirmative at first questions then and for the fourth time he will answer yes. It used to be a highlight not driven by the original idea. Now it’s funny and false, considering that every second knows this technique.

So, DO NOT start with questions. This is enough looks strange. Imagine that a person visited the pizza delivery site. And then to him:

Want order pizza online? Want to enjoy delicious pizza and fast delivery?

This is it’s obvious. Yes, he wants to! Go straight to the point. No need to pull the rubber with questions from discharge "Captain evidence." By more that this is not an offline dialogue where man is expecting response. Here, no one will answer.

Write beautiful and useful right away:

Rejoice unusual flavor combinations in our pizza "777". We will bring quickly, in within 29 minutes, and if not - give pizza!

nothing new and super-creative but looks more attractive. Same goes for and rhetorical questions in the text.

CAN ask questions neatly and appropriately. No bigotry, once in a little text and two in large. Successful reception at the end of the text:

"... You still don’t know how to write selling texts? Then we go to you!"

2. Walk by patient. Classic welcome from sales techniques "6P", where we first speak about customer pain. Yes, we say! With him, individually or in a master class. We pronounce it, but do not write. For it looks so-so.

"Head Does pain interfere with thinking? - Our "magic tablet "will solve this issue once and forever and ever!"

Again It looks funny. Yes, and it smells it's a divorce.

We offer immediately start with benefits, with the result:

"Feel It’s great: the drug 777 will allow put your thoughts in order and spare about headaches. "

CAN Add a story from yourself. My example tell your pain where a man sees yourself. This technique is active today used and most importantly - it works. it not related to aggressive strategy advancement. Where is all marketing built on “attacking a customer,” pointing him weak places etc.

3. Bullying.

It's like clicking on pain points,

but fear is added here. Fear for

your life, for the future, for health,

children, etc. For example:

“Contact to our service center, because such honest no more! ”,“ Your hair will never again I won’t fall out if we take our vitamin complex constantly >.

So or otherwise, such revolutions catch up with fear. Yes and just don't look attractive anymore. To go too far in such a turn - lose customer forever.

Much it would be more correct to write:

"Our service center is open 24/7 and as much as possible customer helps quickly у resolve service issues m a car. For you there is convenient waiting room, personal manager and a cup of hot coffee! ”

4. Install time frame. This also requires move away but inertia method still working. All kinds of timers now stand on every landing page.

"Hurry up buy before midnight! ”,“ You have left 7 hours 5 minutes and 34 seconds "


Personally it annoys me all and I hate I can when they customize. Even if I necessary buy a chupa chups.

DO NOT to whip the timer where necessary and not necessary. Users are no longer responding to it. Just pass by. Important to hold page analysis, how users react to a page with a timer and without it.

If really want, then you can sometimes put timer per share or sale but then after the "n" number of days stock really ends and disappears forever.

Who read carefully, I probably realized that today the main thing is honesty, sincerity, broadcasting from the heart, appeal with benefit and help. Cheating, flattery, cunning, intimidation and pressure for a long time no longer work and will not work.

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