If we want to be useful, interesting and At the same time increase the audience of the blog, it’s important to use all the tricks for to the maximum. One of the most interesting blocks the content is seasonal content, correct and timely spelling which attracts a new active the audience involved. Seasonal Content can be used at any time of the year, because for every pore has its own " hot="" topics="" ”,="" current="" events="" and="" activities.="" let's="" look="" at="" relevant="" for="" every="" season.="" <="" p="">

Naturally, that for each activity specific topics are relevant, but there are that unites everyone. Therefore selection themes and events will be universal, and you - business owner - you can adjust ideas in their direction.

What is relevant Today? Autumn themes.

  1. Start school year. Hot topic for both adults: children go to school and for schoolchildren / students. A selection of topics:
    • 10 first grader rules
    • how choose ... (backpack, university, school, uniform, teacher, etc.)
    • what buy at the garden / school / university / work
    • how tune in to ... (their options)
    • how combine work and study?
    • Why don't learn at school?
    • First earnings
    • First Autumn, when you do not need to go to school. What to do with yourself?
    • how find work to your liking?
  2. Autumn recreation
    • Velvet season on the beaches ... (choose a country)
    • 10 countries where you should go in the fall
    • Active rest in the mountains: what to take with you?
    • Available vacation in the mountains with a small child?
    • how "Rebel" after a vacation?
    • Movies, which should be reviewed at the beginning fall
    • TldfLWZp0gRUZHuEyF66JaKXnVD-mU6_.jpgVacation in the fall? How cool to have time when everything around does not melt from the heat
  3. Wardrobe
    • 5 chic autumn bows for every day
    • Trends of the season
    • New directions in fashion / design / construction / creativity etc.
  4. Nostalgia, relations

Highly often the autumn period is associated with romance, unrequited love and search for relationships. Then you can play out in any topic, even if you are tractors sell: "5 reasons to love an ambitious tractor driver "will be very helpful. The most the main thing is to include creativity and sincerity. Then writing and creating will be much easier.

  1. Startups / Jobs / Changes
    • Autumn - it's time to change. What needs to be changed, but what is not worth it?
    • Do you want new job? Get started now.
    • 5 reasons to start your own business?
    • Why autumn - time for new beginnings?
    • eQeiK9oWrkZ270ExHiUW0Z_7V_T4SNBn.jpgWhat kind Are new items waiting for you this fall?

By ideas there should have been a selection of topics for all seasons, but autumn turned out to be so roomy and relevant what to consider other seasons already characters are missing. Therefore do not forget about the autumn holidays: teacher’s day, chef's day, international day for men and generally autumn a lot of professional holidays. And also at the end of autumn New Year’s topics will be relevant, Gift collections, etc.

The coolest world holidays

A more ... there are the coolest holidays in the world, who will find a place on any blog:

  1. The festival Fantasy (USA) this holiday is famous naked bodies, body art and costume parties.
  2. Day Dead (Mexico). Who doesn’t know what kind of holiday - see the cartoon "Mystery Coco. " This is one of the most famous and atmospheric autumn holidays all over the world.
  3. Night fireworks in england. Comments here superfluous.
  4. A week Pirates in the Cayman Islands. it such a big costume party for children and adults only for 10 days!
  5. Holiday cuckolds in italy. Funny event worth reading about.

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