“Influencer Marketing! Influence marketing ... ”- they insist on us every corner. We will analyze today what it is and whether it suits everyone.

Last studies show that users follow opinion leaders and trust them while shopping in social networks and more. So, according to IZEA, 36% of Instagram users commit their purchases based on the opinion leader, he is His Majesty the Blogger.

Today every second wants to be called a blogger, but not everyone succeeds. Consider how is it right to work with leaders opinions as well as whom and how to choose.

Everyone Is Blogger Advertising Suitable?

Recently talking with friends and discussing Instagram advertising topic and I say that promotion today literally fits all areas except funeral services, probably. Everyone laughed, but found ways to promote this particular scope. Therefore, with great desire, You can develop any area in the network. Accordingly, the blogger needs to be selected under your target audience.

Who can choose an ad from a blogger today?

  1. Projects with a wide geography. If you aim to regions, new large cities, then it's your method.
  2. Business, which product or service you can buy instantly and emotionally.
  3. Spheres narrow specialty (if the blogger same target lecture hall), e.g. leader opinions conducts a course to promote beautymasters in social networks. And you - are selling lamps for beautymasters. Voila! The audience matched and he can do good advertising.
  4. Large recognizable brands who want increase recognition and loyalty.
  5. New a brand that enters the market on that or other territory.

There are several methods of cooperation with opinion leaders.

  • Mark and recommendations in a post or story;
  • Straight ether with influencer;
  • Ambassador - brand ambassador;
  • Joint events;
  • Attraction right away group of bloggers for the "reactive" advancement.

V-qulwegTCFb_VJekLyVUorpl1avZiPO.jpgWho and how to choose from a blogging environment?

How and all other advertising channels, this one has subspecies.

  1. Celebrity megainfluencers (quantity subscribers from 500 thousand.) They work with big brands become messengers etc. Sell more bags through them bad idea. Celebrity accounts often littered with various advertising and returns from each subsequent less and less smaller. Yes, your coverage will be colossal, but will the desired result be? Question ... If you want to create cool movement around the brand - then you to celebrity.

Cost advertising: from 2 000 dollars.

  • Macroinfluencers (lecture hall from 30 to 499 thousand subscribers). Everything is more interesting here, because they are really - opinion leaders. Blogging is their bread. and most often each of them he is an expert in his field. suitable for those who want to talk about your product at the regional level.

Cost: from 150 dollars, and someone will be barter work.

  1. Microinfluencers. These are people who are interesting to watch. And they don’t earn millions on a narrow specialization. They have their own life, children. etc. Here is the most targeted audience. If your target audience is young mothers, then modern mom blogger behind whom interesting to watch - your ad area.
How and any other advertising, placement at bloggers require a test drive. I need everything try, combine channels sales, choose different bloggers, look at the result. After all, each of he is looking for his man. Choose those who are easy to work with who are willing to go to a compromise, ready to cooperate and to help. After all, this is not only advertising, but long-term cooperation.