Not often experienced marketers want to share their experience with newcomers, but we managed to get some advice from a person who has been involved in marketing for over 18 years and can put everything in order. The information was given to the Netology blog by Alexander Kasyakin (development director of NELIT LLC). Of course, no one claims to the ultimate truth, because time is very fleeting: trends are changing, but the base will always be relevant.

What is marketing really about?

The profession of a marketer began to emerge more than 20 years ago, when entrepreneurs were no longer called speculators, and buyers had a choice in the market. From here and the literal translation "to study the market." Today we have a kind of substitution of concepts and marketers, managers are people who perform completely different duties. For some reason, the person who unloads and loads the goods is called a sales manager. The person who sits at the checkout proudly wears the badge "cashier manager." What do these people manage? Or rather by whom?

The same story with marketers. The guys who write articles on blogs buy external links to sites, produce promotional materials and are called marketers. And even more fun when we call them marketing managers.

A marketer is a person who is primarily engaged in market research, understands its trends, its niche. This is one of the most important figures in the company, on which 80% of its success depends.

Marketer's expertise is knowledge of the market segment in which work is being conducted. This understanding is about the work of competitors leading high pricing policies and competitors from the lower price segment. As well as comprehensive knowledge of competitors from the same niche as the company itself.

To know is to understand the competitive ones:

  • Products;
  • Promotion Methods;
  • Company structure;
  • pricing policy;
  • Advantages and disadvantages;
  • Ideally, and sales strategies.

If the marketer understands the position of his company, the place of the product on the market, then he knows the key to the greatest success of the company. Only thanks to this knowledge, you can build a route to achieve the desired result. For this, company executives must know their development strategy. And this is a completely different story.

The task of the marketer is to establish internal relations in the company for stable productive work.

What do we really have?

In the modern world (CIS countries) everyone thinks marketers are parasites who go back and forth and do not understand what. Many companies still don’t understand why a marketer is needed at all, and he simply isn’t there.

C5YveTOykm4w4hGGGIOEBHH-UPg0rxX-.jpgAction Plan

  • Decide on the concept of the product / service and the company as a whole;
  • Identify the target audience. The main customer. Market. Niche;
  • Portrait of Central Asia (there was already an entire article about this);
  • Choice of pricing policy for CA;
  • The concept of promotion: methods, channels, communications, etc;
  • Promotion Goals.

Be sure to fix everything on paper, write down the budget and act.

So, the key tips are:

  • Remember to substitute concepts in the modern world of CIS business, but do not forget about the true mission of the marketer.
  • Marketing is the most important element in the development of any business. Only thanks to the master marketing specialist can great success be achieved.
  • There must be a demand for the product. Demand is created by the marketer. To do this, you need a GOOD product.
  • A marketer is a key person, and every leader should understand this.

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