Today, technologies and trends are changing so rapidly that you can talk about trends endlessly. What is relevant in 2019 and what will be transferred and transformed in 2020. So, let's begin:

1.Short videos

Video content is in abundance today: users scroll through long videos, watch boring videos through to the end and become picky in principle. This is a loud call for all companies. Short videos are able to solve the issue.

Statistics show that almost 90% of users will see only the first 10 seconds of the video, and most users will lose interest after 60 seconds of viewing. Thousands of dollars go to create long videos, which in the end few people even inspect until the end.

It’s not necessary to invest millions in a professionally filmed video, it can be amateur video, as for friends. This is very relevant.

Solution: Take short videos, preferably 10-15 seconds. In general, it will be cool if they are with subtitles and for a mobile phone.

2.Using chatbots

Experts promise an increase in customer interactions through bots to 85%. Today this industry is actively developed and used. Bots help to buy movie tickets, order food at home, advise on various issues.

Bots, unlike humans, can be connected around the clock. This is a positive development on customer satisfaction, as well as on the promotion and overall rating of the company.

Many have not figured out how chatbots work, they are cautious and cautious. This is not justified, because more than 70% of customers (buying with the bot) were satisfied with their order.

Solution: Understand chat bots. Prescribe all scripts and possible options in advance. Send a bot in the first 30 seconds of interaction with the buyer.

3. Be transparent and honest.

The audience has long ceased to be on only positive reviews. Moreover, many earned money on the network and wrote such reviews themselves. It is very important to be transparent about clients: to tell the truth about shortcomings, to publish truthful reviews, even negative ones, if any.

Today there is no need to create a halo of holiness around the brand. The main trend is sincerity.

Solution: Post all reviews. Negative immediately with the response of the manager. A competent answer.

4. Use voice search.

It would seem that this option has been built into the phone since its inception, however, voice search is gaining popularity today. In 2020, experts promise 30% of purchases without the help of hands at all, and more than 50% with voice commands.

This trend brings marketers a difficult task: to adapt the content for voice search. At the moment, many buyers do not use voice commands in any case in the CIS countries, but this is a temporary phenomenon.

Solution: slowly but surely move towards optimizing content for voice search.


5. Video marketing.

More than 80% of the content was visualized in 2019 ... What can we expect from 2020? Video in various formats: reviews, reports, interviews, blogs, etc. captured the audience and still hold.

Another feature is LIVE (live broadcast). It is watched almost three times longer than a simple video.

Video content demonstrates the benefits of goods, entertains the customer, increases his loyalty.

Solution: Use various movie-making apps, video editors, etc. Their variety is replete with on the AppStore and Google Play.

6. Micro-influencers

The power of a blogger. We have a whole article about this, how to interact with bloggers. We will not consider this block separately in detail.

Let's just say: Interact with opinion leaders. They are the key to a brighter future.

The main message: the best advertisement is one that is not advertisement!

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