Everyone who has tried to start a business at least once in his life has to deal with negativity. Relatives and acquaintances just express negative things to someone, and someone has to work through negative customer reviews. Often, the one who practices SMM and digital fulfills the negative.

There can be two outcomes in working with negatives: a dissatisfied customer will turn into a loyal one who will love your product or you can piss it off and set it against the brand.

We will try to visually consider two options for the outcome of events:

Situation No. 1. The client ordered pizza through a mobile service, where the order amount, delivery, etc. are automatically calculated. Upon arrival, the courier told him the shipping cost is 2 times more than the application calculated (figuratively 100 cu instead of 50 cu). The client furiously contacts the support service, attaching a screen of the check and the screen. Answer: "Sorry, sorry, we are crediting you 25 bonuses for your next purchase." He is accordingly at a loss: “In the sense of? 25 bonuses? I spent $ 50. " Patience burst, and he posts an Instagram story with a negative review about the delivery of pizza and notes it on the same story. The company does not think long and answers its story: “We don’t want you to be angry, send your number, we will solve everything!” As a result, the client was fully compensated for the delivery, apologized and wished a good day. They made a joyful joint selfie and the conflict is settled.

Situation No. 2. The client decided to drink branded tea in a coffee shop. Instead of the declared volume of 450 ml, he received only 300 ml. Without thinking twice, he makes a video in the same coffee shop with the same tea, telling subscribers about the injustice and deception of the cafe. An answer came to him a few hours later with the text: “We will correct the situation. And you be kinder! ". For this SMMshchik blocks the client and abstracts from negative feedback.

So, we conclude:

  1. It is very important to understand the situation of the consumer, find out the details, check the accuracy of the information.
  2. When processing a negative, one should take into account a person’s personality: lifestyle, language he speaks, style, etc. This can be found in the profile in the social. network. Based on this, build the character and tone of the conversation.
  3. Take into account interests, for example, if he / she is interested in sewing clothes, then give a sincere compliment, show that the buyer is important to you.
  4. Compensation. This is a prerequisite if damage has been done to the client. If he lost time, money or a good mood. Damage must be compensated in the amount that was caused or more.

What to DO NOT:

  1. Calm down with the words: “Calm down!”, “Be kinder!” etc. this will have the opposite effect.
  2. Do not delete negative comments. Firstly, other customers may notice that the review was, and then disappeared. Secondly, it is important for consumers to show that you are working on “jambs”, that their opinion is significant for you, even if it is negative. The brand must listen to the opinions of customers, it responds adequately to criticism and can change at the request of the client.
  3. Long to respond. The reaction should be quick and adequate.
  4. Get rid of a negative customer. Believe me, he will find you in other public places, black lists and can make SUCH an advertisement that no one else will come, and legends about your company will go on for a long time. Today you don’t know who you’ll come across, the buyer can be a famous blogger (with a millionth audience), even if you don’t know him.

Negative work is the same work with the client. With the right approach, even the most negative customer will become loyal and constant.

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