Big boring sites are of no interest to anyone! Today your biggest happiness is quality landing. For those who are “still in the tank”: landing is a one-page site, landing page, etc. Simply put, this is one page about a product or service created for a specific purpose: sale, data collection, recording at an event, promotions. There can be many options, it all depends on the goals of the company.

The work of writing texts on one-page pages is paid quite high, despite the fact that there are not many letters there. Therefore, anyone who encounters landing pages should know the basic rules for writing texts on them.

So, let's go!

1. Heading.

This is the part of the text that you need to devote your maximum time to. The title should display everything that you want to show on the page, as capaciously, simply and easily. In addition, it must contain a unique selling proposition (USP), cling to and encourage reading. Even the coolest page with a boring and incorrect heading will bend before it starts.

2. Description of the product / service / offer.

Something juicy and vibrant is needed here. A colorful description of the sentence from such a side so that the reader will drool. It is necessary to describe the benefits, but not dry and meager, but as in a Hollywood movie - with special effects.

The best way is to take the place of the buyer, think like a buyer, know what the purchase light “lights up on”. At the same time, it is very important to solve his problem, not just “stick in”, but to propose a solution. For example, “The goods will arrive to you tomorrow (in case of payment today) right at the door” or “Buying before 21.10 you will receive a 30% discount and free delivery.” In fact, there can be many options for UTP, it is different for each product / service, so feel free to contact marketers for a brilliant concept.

As a rule, at this stage a video presentation or other media files are added.

3. Company benefits. Mandatory item after the presentation of the proposal. Sometimes there is even an offer that is not as attractive as the elegant description of the advantages of the company itself. We show the client that we can be trusted. After all, this is the most important.

There are two options for organizing "space" in the landing page. If it is important to show cooperation with the brand, then we put more emphasis on cooperation with the brand, but if our goal is to show the benefits of the product, then the emphasis is on the product.

4. We describe the "core" of the commercial offer. He’s the main offer, where you need to dispel the thought that somewhere could be better. Here we need specific figures, facts, arguments with confirmation. Very often in landings they show the number of satisfied customers, terms of service, responsiveness. If we are talking about some kind of training, then this is the number of trainees, the number of hours of knowledge acquisition, etc. Just remember that in this section the arguments must be measurable.

Also here they use the formula "Product Name + USP".

5. Call to action (CTA) is the main goal of the landing. It is important to understand the goal: to sell goods, sign up for an event, subscribe to a channel, etc. Based on this, it forms a call to action, is naturally clickable and is repeated in each block of a one-page site.

6. Describe the terms of the promotion. It is necessary to establish the validity period of a unique offer, but do not overdo it, because many users have long known the “deliver a deadline to a client” technique, so this trigger does not always work. Be not trivial here, but interesting, and then the client will definitely come.

Let this knowledge help you in writing and creating the most successful landing page for your company.

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