Today we will discuss interesting methods of working with targeted advertising that will certainly improve its effectiveness. At first glance, it seems that the recommendations are commonplace, but it is important to read the gist.

1. Be sure to indicate the city on the layout. You must admit that there is a huge difference between the banner “Rostov, order sushi!” And “Order sushi now.” In the first case, the user is sure that he can deliver to his home, in the second case, this issue is not specified. This message is especially relevant if we are talking about cities with a small population (up to 50 thousand people). Residents of provincial towns are accustomed to seeing advertisements from a metropolis on banners, they can’t even imagine that some local cafe is ready to deliver home, etc. Therefore, an indication of the city and a unique selling proposition is mandatory in this case.

2. The simpler the better. Every day we see just a huge amount of advertising: on the network, in transport, on the city streets, even applications on the phone without ads are rare. In this variegated variety, it’s best to be easier to create. Recently, we came up with an interesting example where it was necessary to attract investments in complex topics. The customer needed (for a minute!) 6 million rubles. Specialists of the team of Konstantin Zimen made everything as simple as possible: advertising in stories in Instagram was launched. The message was in black letters on a white background, there were three banners in total.

The campaign was very successful. The cost of the lead was 16 rubles with a total budget of three thousand rubles.

3.Products luxury. Here, the intersection of targeting the owners of the latest models of smartphones and other gadgets and the advertiser's targeting parameters works well. Of course, there may be a certain percentage of error for those who took the equipment on credit.

4. Chip with myTarget. Specialist Ilya Dobretsov recommend using CPC ads. Use a campaign that works successfully on FaceBook and launch it on myTarget pay-per-click. When you are convinced that the advertising campaign is working successfully, you can scale it to a wider audience. As soon as the CPC works, myTarget will start connecting the desired CA.

5. When setting up a campaign, very often we use the "age" slider. It is clear that if you do not touch it, then the advertisement will show to all age groups. If, for example, 25-34 years are noted, then, respectively, only for this age group. But! There is a part of people that does not indicate their age. In this case, it is necessary to indicate the age category separated by commas and in the same way enter the question mark (25-34,?). This will mean people whose age the social network does not recognize. This is perfect for local business, because if a person is interested in your product, then what difference does it make how old he is.