So, today we continue to determine the methods of collecting the customer base. Consider how you can unobtrusively invite a user to leave you their contacts.

Third group: Invite users to subscribe and share with friends.

  • You can invite a user to subscribe to your telegram channel. To do this, there must be this channel and of course every time replenished with something interesting.
  • It’s also a popular thing to ask a client for a pleasant bonus, and send a bonus to the email address that the user must specify.
  • You can add the function “share on social networks” when you send out content, but there is one “but”. Content must be high-quality so that they want to share it with friends.
  • Add the "send to friend" link. Also set a nice banner in order to keep the user from sharing the letter. This requires a clear and understandable unique selling proposition in order to motivate the user to subscribe and share.
  • Let's have nice buns for your friends. Such campaigns work well: it is beneficial for a friend, and you are pleased.

Fourth group: subscription through social networks.

  • Duplicate your events on FaceBook, Instagram.
  • You can also display letters (from the newsletter) on a social network. Not everyone, of course, but the coolest, useful and attractive.
  • Make announcements of closed shares for subscribers (those who are on the newsletter), while leaving a link to the subscription page.
  • Subscription Reviews. Let others know that your newsletter is interesting and useful to other people.
  • Engage with a variety of tests and polls, and send the results to the user by mail.
  • If you have a properly configured chat bot, then it is also able to collect addresses.

Group Five: Collect offline.

For all of us, offline methods seem quite specific, but why not?

  • We draw up a discount card: a person fills out a questionnaire with all the necessary data. Phone number, email address and other features that help automate marketing.
  • Give coupons for loved ones. For example, give a coupon 20-25% of the purchase amount. And this person is guaranteed to come to you again or bring a friend who can also draw cards and take data.
  • In case of expectation, the client can fill out questionnaires, participate in surveys, and pleasant buns - by mail for this.
  • Play games with customers. Gamification is the latest fashion.
  • Add a QR code on printed materials.
  • If you have a loyalty program, then make sure that it is tied to email.

The most important thing!

  • Data collection must be legal, with the permission of the owners.
  • Buying a database is illegal and insecure.
  • Collecting a database and not working through it is the stupidest thing you can do, even if you have 10 addresses, you need to work with them.
  • Do not overload the user. Look for an approach to everyone.

We hope that this block of articles was useful to you and will certainly increase the subscriber base. Good luck