Friday's theme will be useful to everyone. Here we are all reading and reading, working, writing, promoting and becoming stooped and stooped, straining to write off my neck and in general. Let's talk about how to work without harming your body, because it can be difficult to sit for several hours in one position, and even more so for a couple of days.

  • Attribute number one is the chair! Of course, this is the most important moment in sedentary work. After all, your well-being and health depend on the chair. But! If you are an employer and read this, do not pass by. Take care of your employees. Well, about yourself, too, choose a chair for height, if height is more than 190 cm, then the height of the seat should be at least 50 cm. The back of the chair should also be high and repeat the curves of your back.
  • The table, it turns out, is also important. In a situation where the elbows are lowered onto the table, the back should not be torn off the back of the chair. Did you know? Exactly. That and shoulders should not lower or rise.
  • Monitor. This "thing" should be at eye level. You should not lower or raise your head once again, because this is a constant load on the cervical vertebra.
  • You should be comfortable! This is rule number one. But rule number two: do not recline constantly in an armchair and do not sit very close, elbows at right angles, and feet on the floor. Yes Yes! Like at a school desk. No wonder we were taught there.
  • Breaks every 2 hours. Or better 5 minutes every hour. Get up, get distracted and do a little workout.

One of my friends, by the way, a wonderful programmer, wrote a program that turned off the screen every hour for 5 minutes. It was great, we all got up, talked, warm up and then back to work. If necessary, use this life hack.