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Today we will analyze 4 popular errors in mailing lists, as well as suggest how to avoid them.

JhaeHiibwsbeQO8zKfs8G4NDL9sHPaqk.pngLetters to users should always come from a living person, and not from the organization, no matter how large it is. Open any article on the subject of e-mail newsletters and in each you will find this item as mandatory. A huge surprise is that on the Internet, almost half of companies and online stores ignore this item. In the best case, such letters are ignored, in the worst they are sent to the trash or immediately to spam.


Do not write what you yourself would not read. You must constantly keep this rule in mind and never forget about it. Caring for the reader should be the main prerogative, write logically structured sentences, use clear examples, share interesting information about business methods, interesting books, articles. This will help not only make the audience loyal to your product, but also increase it many times. Do not make your newsletter look like spam, it should not be full of special offers, promotions and discounts. If you are trying to make a difference, and are not of any use to the client, your mailing is wasted money.


Over the past couple of years, the amount of traffic that falls on the mobile shows a steady increase. We can say with confidence that this figure will only grow. Today, every second uses a smartphone in order to find out news, communicate on social networks and check mail. Therefore, before starting the newsletter, you must make sure that your letter will look equally good on all devices. Nowhere is it without it.


The letter must be beautiful and this is a fact from which there is no escape. You can certainly write a cool text and arrange a carpet bombardment in the hope that someone will open it, but why rely on luck when the letter can be wrapped in a chic cover. With the help of design, you can correctly place accents so that your call to action is a logical conclusion from reading a letter. Moreover, with the advent of block editors, it is not necessary to have layout skills.

Mailing list is a reliable way to set up communication with your customers, its areas of application are practically unlimited, and the return at minimum cost is the dream of any businessman. Simple tips from CitySites will help protect yourself from mistakes.