C on the one hand, working with comments is a completely thankless task, since the Internet lacks inadequate users, trolls and schoolchildren. On the other hand, working with comments is vital for building communication with the user and increasing loyalty to brand.

and so we can note for ourselves that working with comments is balancing between negative and good for your site. In any case can not do without it. And in order not to face the dirt, follow our simple tips:


This is the rule is applicable not only for comments, but in general for any work with a negative. Never make excuses - try to solve the problem, but not retroactively explaining how this happened, but how you will fix it. Never show fear - it will inevitably lead to errors and an increase in the number of attacks from trolls who felt weak.


evil languages will never miss the chance to accuse you of allowing a mistake. It doesn’t matter if it’s a typo, the wrong number in data, or just a claim to clearance. Listen and carefully everything check if there really is a mistake, quickly correct the material and thank the attentive user. This is the only way to avoid escalation of the conflict.


than the larger your audience, the higher the chance to run into absurd lunges in your side, and the most important thing is to be completely calm and not succumb to provocations, because this is precisely what they are seeking from you. Take a deep breath and remember that your main weapon is good built argumentation. Often a well-chewed answer is capable of change the channel of communication in the direction you need.

Fearless - Passionless - Unperturbed

Today we learned about the three principles on which philosophy was based ancient greek stoics. Despite their age, they have not lost relevance today. Using this technique as a toolkit to work with comments will save you a huge amount of nerves, and for CitySites is the main thing.