Most people suffer from procrastination in one form or another. You can be a first-class worker performing your duties for a solid five, but when you come home, you will find there a mountain of dishes that you promise yourself to wash tomorrow for the second week.

And if you can handle dishes only with water and sponges. At work, with self-organization, special applications can help, which we’ll talk about today:

1. Darkroom


Can't sit down to write an article? Is something constantly distracting you? These issues can be easily resolved using the free DarkRoom program running under OC Windows, after downloading and installing the program allows you to protect yourself from any distracting activity. Sit down and write, now nothing can stop you.

2. Gofuckingwork


This application for GoogleChrome puts a stub on the resources added to the list. When trying to enter a site from a list, the application in a rude form suggests returning to work :)

3. LeechBlock


A similar free app for Mazilla Firefox this time without swearing. Everything is very simple here, select the sites you want to block and set a timer, after the expiration of the allotted period you will again get access to them.



Is your inbox constantly crammed with incoming mail? Preventing you from concentrating? Then use the application that works in any browser. After entering your Email address, the program will determine where you receive the most emails from, after which you can structure the mailings or unsubscribe from them in 2 clicks.

Tip from CitySites

Everyone has things that he would not want to do. But they need to be done, because otherwise the delayed will return problems later. To avoid this, you can use the application, but we advise you to pack up and learn how to motivate yourself. Compete with yourself, set a task and do it better than you can. Start with simple tasks such as waking up early every morning, gradually it will become a habit and you can be awake even on weekends. Complicate tasks and over time, even the most routine tasks will become simple for you. And you will be able to fully develop as a person and a professional in your field.

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