How to focus on work? Tips from CitySites :

1. Control your caffeine intake

Scientific small amounts of caffeine have been shown to help concentrate and cheer up. A cup of aromatic coffee is capable bring to life at the beginning of the working day and energize for accomplishment of tasks. But here, as in everything, it is worth observing measure. Excessive consumption will lead to overexcitation and loss. concentration.

2. Minimize tasks

Multitasking is a good quality in the eyes of any employer, but in fact with few can handle it. Clutching everything at once - you basically spray your attention, which takes a lot of energy and does not allow do the job well. And what is the use of multitasking if work in the result is not high quality?

3. Plan your work day

To Do not scatter your attention when processing a large number of tasks - use plans and lists. Work day planning will allow you to devote matters your maximum attention without loss of quality. Correctly structured work day - will allow not only to arrange priorities, but also reminds you of something you might forget about. Always start with the most difficult tasks and move to simpler ones, because in At the end of the day, cognitive abilities decline.

4. Take breaks

do short breaks of 5-10 minutes after each task. it help clear thoughts and prepare for the next goal. Not use this time to check social networks. Do a little workout and let your eyes relax during this time you can Estimate the amount of work and tune in to the right wave.

5. Do it now

by reading this article during working hours, you already delay the execution of some tasks. Don't wait for the deadline to get to work.

Focus on work - and do it right now! :)