A couple more secrets from my experience " How to prepare for a deal and sell with pleasure? "

always I use the law of Wilfredo Pareto, in our work he says so 80% training and 20% of the effort, we spend only 20% of our time on really important matters, call, meeting, signing the contract.

As I said, when making contact with the first cold call, I prepare with using questions, I’m making a self portrait of the interlocutor, although in fact I don’t I always guess, scroll in my head all the options for our proposal, I make a presentation in a few sentences and ask one of the questions: Is promotion with the help of our services interesting today? Or interesting is our audience These simple questions help us figure out if carry on a conversation or not. If so, make an appointment before departure I think it over to the smallest detail. Arrival, greeting, stock of tools on any type of customer. In a previous article, I wrote that there are four types buyers, but how do you know who is in front of you at the moment?

I always start with VIP segment. A comprehensive package, as I call it, consists of the most profitable tools for the job. it banner ads, articles, reference book, social networks and so on.

Pause! We clarify whether everything is clear whether the price is suitable, and if the answer is yes, everything is fine, we discuss the technical details.

when a person wants to hear more options, he will certainly say so, not worry. To do this, there is the following package for the price-quality segment, the ability to buy a directory without priority, as well as a banner not on main page, and in the target heading.

And finally, the minimum package is just placing the directory in the standard.


very often, sellers do at this stage one of the most common mistakes, they offer everything non-stop, it happens in a circle, and when forces run out, shut up and wait for the client to buy everything at once. As if we are paid for the fact that we told well and did not forget anything. 10 out of 10 cases, the client will not take anything.

Imagine that you went to the store of fur coats and sheepskin coats, as it were, it’s not burning, but there is opportunity to buy. As usual, a cute but not too experienced person appears. the seller and asks the standard question "Do you need something to tell?" And how as soon as you open your mouth, that is not against a new fur coat, the most begins interesting. A million options are offered, fitting, and now 100500 fur coat, but you are still not ready to pay. And that feeling doesn’t appear adroit, well, in fact, I can’t choose anything, and the prices are good and models are interesting, and still something is wrong. Seller at this time begins to mentally panic or get angry, tension rises in the air, and You go away upset without a purchase. A good seller knows that everything the point is the usual simple identification of needs, just a few questions help to find out what the client wants, offer a couple of options, and then gives the buyer the opportunity to choose what he likes, sometimes it the surest way to get a satisfied customer.

One from my rules - each manager needs to know the amount of the transaction BEFORE the sale. Any of your offers should have a total amount. Not just pricing at price list, namely the total amount for any type of client.

When you find out which client is in front of you and you know the total amount, then it is much easier to make a favorable discount and conclude an agreement.

By discounts, I think it’s worth dedicating a separate article separately, we have within the company rules, and within their framework we can regulate our sales for the benefit of both the client and the manager.

Working through and getting used to certain amounts of money, they begin to attract. BUT if you focus on the fact that the client can not afford buy a banner immediately for a year (the amount is not small) or offer everyone standard packages, with confidence and the belief that it is not expensive, it means someone will buy it. Then problems arise with both sales and customers, the whole snag lies in the thoughts of the seller.

Imagine that you already have a new phone in your pocket, mentally you have already chosen the brand, color, parameters, over time you get used to the idea that sooner or later you’ll buy it anyway, and when this happens, for the brain it’s not news, but rather a true fact. Who watched the documentary The secret knows that this is how any of our desires and dreams work.

Sales as such are not our desires, they are a kind of springboard to achievement of our goals, but they happen precisely then and with those amounts when dreams prevail over excuses, laziness and apathy.

" Dream of the great: only great dreams have the power to affect human souls. "

Marcus Aurelius