how Is it right to give a discount to a client? This question is guaranteed to arise in the head of every person who has at least once encountered sales.

How to answer a pushy customer who wants a discount? Is it worth making concessions at all? More details in this article.

Sales managers give maximum discounts for various reasons:

  • deadlines are on schedule, money is needed;
  • made a friendly contact;
  • customer requires more;
  • the big check amount is at stake.

From 4 types of clients only two really need discounts. Yes, it seems that they all want them, and if you have so, then read the rule of 4 segments of buyers again, find out how work with them and the question will be removed. So who are they? Who should be given discounts and how much?

The answer, as always, is simple - to the Cheap and Price-Quality segments.

in Each company has its own discount rules, and we are no exception. there is such an expression "Do not push yourself against the wall!". For example, a client asked for a discount, your maximum 10% you give them, he asks to throw it off here too out of the blue there is a problem, because you can no longer. In such everything will depend on the situation no longer on professionalism, but on charisma, voices, coaxing. Another option, we usually say “I But a simple seller, I can’t throw it off anymore! So will you take it? ”

Sales this is a game, and when a client from the price-quality segment wants to get maximum discount, swinging the manager for the first time and receiving it, he enters into the taste of bargaining, in anticipation of victory over negotiations, receiving prize as a bargain, and you say stop management cannot give more or something like that. In a few minutes you can not only break the established contact, and completely lose the sale. There is a solution!


Professional the manager starts small, for example, with 3%; do not drive yourself into a corner. Only such a small action will increase customer loyalty, because he it becomes interesting. Only this one action will minimize the loss of your commissions and, which is important, the figure in the total amount of the check. Of course, only if you do not sell yachts or airplanes, there a 3% discount will cost like an elite apartment in the center Odessa.

for VIP segments, URGENT! or just good people, you can always do bonus and gifts. We have this extra space for banner ads, posts on social networks and so on.

So, to summarize.

for start, clearly imagine the maximum discount level you can offer. Further, when communicating with the client, determine his type: cheap, price / quality, VIP or urgently! Only for the first two stands give a substantial discount, the rest can be offered nice bonuses. IN Dependence on the selected type and cost further dialogue. Chatting with an assertive customer requiring a discount, start with a minimum rebate, not immediately driving yourself into a corner.

Be a professional, develop and put your knowledge into practice! All good sales!

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