Objections - This is one of the main obstacles to a successful transaction. In this material our regular author of articles Tatyana Prus shares an example of one of most common objections to sales.


for First, remember that objection is good. But what if they reasoned, i.e. according to customer fully comply reality. For example, a client’s site that has been working with him for a long time, located on the first page of the search engine. This client then talks about that it has been operating in the market for its segment for 20 years. Advertising Budget stands out and, accordingly, the question, why do we need him?

The answer is as always simple and this time I broke it into 4 maximum possible parts based on my experience.

  • First : he wants to know more and / or is not sure of the words of the interlocutor.

when The decision maker (the decision maker) talks with you for more than 3 minutes, telling how things are with development, know he definitely wants more information in favor of cooperation and it will be at this stage that it will depend will you make a deal or not. For example, you can voice several companies that have long been working with us in other branches, as well as traffic to popular sites in Odessa, Kharkov and so on. Once upon a time we also started, now we have experience and a built-in system for promotion our portals.

  • Second - these customers don’t particularly need retail sales.

rather total emphasis should be placed on the brand image, attracting new partners, dealers or branch development. For example, placing a banner on cities, the client will receive recognition in the regions, and depending on the task and what will be written on the banner itself, will reach its goal.

  • Third - we have his target audience.

Yes let now the site is not very promoted and 3-5 thousand people do not wow effect, but a personal page in our business directory for 2-3 years will be significant search engines are not worse than any site due to uniqueness of the text, relevant headings and so on.

  • And finally, fourth - for its regular customers, the company will look socially active.

The company is ready to process all applications online, using a personal account and the ability to manage the reviews section.


also not unimportant argument in favor of advertising on the beginner site of the city - it quickly and without extra costs stand out among list of competitors. Agree, it’s more difficult when the priority is 44 paid restaurant and then a new institution was opened in the city. Or it’s just the cafe was launched by an advertising company, then you need to order articles and banner advertising in several sections, in order to effectively.

of course There are a number of advantages in favor of cooperation and placement of your business on our sites across the country. We are not a panacea and everyone is in the right make decisions with the help of which to develop your business, but you should not forget that there are both tasteful and constructive critics, I will share this later. And now ask questions, make profitable conditions for the start, and complex objections will dissolve in the air still at the initial stage of dating. Write in the comments how are you working with objections?

All the best and successful sales!

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