Four of the day. About 17 hours of communication. It took so much time for speeches of all speakers who spoke about the benefits updated product and the intricacies of working with the city website. This is the first an online webinar of such large-scale level organized by CitySites for all our partners. AND we can confidently say that it went off with a bang: they also talked about a new version of the site, and about the development strategy for beginners, and how increase the profitability of the site when there is nowhere to sell advertising. Total about 20 reports were read.

in almost all the top management acted as speakers CitySites: Branch Manager in Ukraine, Development Director, Head design department, leading financier of the company, head of department Development, Head of Sales, Head of Support, Head of SEO Department. In addition to them, some of our franchisees, gave the best advice to the best employees of the support department.

Final the day of the conference was completely devoted to the online communication of everything huge CitySites team. All interested partners could speak out about their ideas and comments, a variety of topics were raised. Such meetings, albeit online, definitely encourage us all work better, and the exchange of experience allows you to work even more efficiently.

Event It turned out really large-scale and very informative. All comers had the opportunity to talk with the speaker after the report. The problem turned out to be the most convenient choice of the time of the conference, because differences in time zones. Nevertheless, about 90% of our partners took part which made us very happy.