CitySites is international network of urban sites , which includes more than 100 sites in Europe, the CIS and Africa and we do not plan to stop! Due with the expansion of the affiliate department, we are looking for a sales manager.

What will your work be:

The main task is to search and attract new partners and work with applications for opening a city site.

Who are you:

  • ambitious, purposeful person with strong strong-willed qualities;
  • satisfied customers and earned money are the main indicator of good work for you;
  • you have a good speech;
  • you think that failure is just an excuse to work on yourself and become better;
  • your eyes are burning.

Plus in karma:

  • if you worked in the field of active sales;
  • if you have good English (we sell our product in Western markets).

What we offer (material motivation):

  • competitive salary at the end of the interview (from 10 000 UAH, rate + interest);
  • bonuses after achieving the set goals;
  • free concert, movie tickets;
  • gym memberships;
  • free English courses.

What we offer (intangible motivation):

  • friendly team;
  • healthy working atmosphere;
  • modern office in the center;
  • helping employees achieve their goals;
  • help in personal growth;
  • career opportunities.

If you have a desire to work in the largest company, together with experienced and Responsive colleagues in a comfortable office then you come to us!