Learn selling like a wolf on Wall Street is every beginner’s dream manager! The prosperity of a business depends on successful trading. And by the way, according to George Belfort (yes, the prototype of that very hero Leonardo di Caprio), everyone can sell well. If you think about it, essentially all areas of our lives are somehow related to sales: skills we need self-presentation, both in the professional and in the personal sphere. Well, if your work directly involves the sale of goods or services, then you can not do without the art of efficient trading.

How to learn to sell brilliantly? Let's take a look at the experience of the most successful gurus in this field.

"No" is not our answer

Many those who started their careers with “cold” calls to customers know that most people are completely uninterested in what you want to sell them. They are not even ready to listen to you to the end. But as they say, “perseverance and work….".

That Belfort never gave up when he heard “no” on the other end of the wire. He taught his team the same thing. One of his famous quotes: “Do not put until the customer buys shares, or dies .... ". Sounds of course cynically, but the right attitude is important for a good sales manager.

Learn how to practice the “no” objection first. This is the starting point for reassuring negotiations.

Brevity is the sister of talent


speaking clear and concise sentences and minimizing the amount of “garbage” in your speech, you set a certain rhythm of communication. Your interlocutor is better perceives what has been said. Selling a creative idea is not worth it confuse the customer with long and complex phrases.

Except In addition, it is very important to focus on the brand name or company, highlight it in a speech with small pauses - help the client it’s better to remember which company’s product they are offering him.

Sell what the customer wants


what no matter what you sell to your customer, he’s most likely not yet aware that he needs it. Aforementioned george belfort never started conversation with the words “buy stocks”. He was selling a bright future to his to the client: a villa on the coast, luxury cars and country houses that he can receive if he invests favorably in stocks.

K For example, did you wonder why people advertise modern smartphones always smile broadly and look happy? Why are they showing us photos (with a beautiful bokeh effect) of children, youth gatherings, happy families? Such videos contain a simple message - use This phone will make you happier. And for the sake of such a feeling, people ready to pay money, otherwise everything would have come to a simple tube for communication.

Learn put a simple idea into the heads of your potential buyers - you simplify his life, or make it better with your product or services. Get to know your client well - do not forget to congratulate him on Happy birthday or take an interest in household things.

The following follows from this paragraph.

Tell stories


your the task is to solve the client’s problem, and negotiations help to identify it. By collecting information about your customer, identifying his needs, you you can understand what interests or disturbs him specific moment. And perhaps the client himself will know about it, thanks your leading questions.

People often tell us about ourselves, but we rarely pay attention to it attention and see in them those whom we want to see. And if you carefully listen to a potential buyer, you can hear that he really needed. And one of the effective methods to win over man is his involvement in the process. Need to give customer the opportunity to experience and understand the importance of your product, By identifying yourself with a participant in a real story told by you.

Positive is the key to success


not try to persuade the client to buy your product as petitioning or plaintive tone. The maximum that can be achieved from him in this way is sympathy. It is important to charge the buyer with positive and enthusiasm, telling the undeniable benefits of your product. As practice shows, energetic and positive-minded seller has much more chances of success than moody, even if the second knows the technical Product specifications are better.

The art of listening

But everything should be in moderation: excessive empathy and empathy customer problems can quickly develop into familiarity. Always better observe a fine line and not go overly personal relationships, otherwise it may happen that the buyer begins to “sell” to you his problems, not listen about your products.

Customer orientation


in service wins sales - people will buy where they are more comfortable do it. At the same time, even the price can fade into the background. And here It plays a role how well you manage to make a good impression on the client, the speed of your actions and the fulfillment of promises.

Be customer-oriented - it makes money. For real Professional and cool salesperson will not mind if customer sometimes calls after hours. And if necessary, he can suggest how to solve a question that does not directly concern him.

Make friends with your watch


K Unfortunately, very few transactions can be closed immediately - from the first call or meeting. All planned communication must be completed. exactly when you agreed with the client. You can not or do not have time - pass it to a colleague, but in no case do not forget about arrangements with a potential buyer.

Well, and perhaps the main rule of good sales is always focus on success! A lot depends on your mood.


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