Any a selling company has its own sales culture - this is a set of rules for executives and salespeople who determine their behavior. Is it worth it to say that good sales are the key to success of a company and its profitability? And they are impossible without an established corporate culture.

not afraid to seem too obvious, noting that today the client selects a service. If your product does not have absolute uniqueness (which is almost impossible), it has analogues or substitutes. Daily in the world, something is invented and produced. And the price range for similar categories of goods can be simply astronomical. Naturally, in in most cases, at a relatively equal price, the consumer chooses quality for myself.

especially such a tendency can be seen in the B2B segment - business representatives often willing to pay 10-15% more for good service.

in In this material we will try to determine what constitutes effective sales culture, how to influence it and make grateful customers came back to you again.

Sales Culture DNA

DNA of the culture of sales

Culture - these are some kind of company genes: regulated or unwritten rules of conduct that are followed in all situations. She defines the norms of activity of employees and managers. About many companies can be judged by looking at work and relationships in the team. If the culture is clearly defined, o on indicates the path and direction of the company’s movement, and also forms values.

Building a sales culture is largely dependent on company management or sales.

The most important thing is the general mood of the seller (manager / owner of the business). A positive attitude is based on confidence in yourself, your product, in your company.

Building an effective sales culture in the company has a number of goals:

  • setting multiple contacts with the client and expanding the range of consumed by him services. The cost of attracting new customers is quite high, and the income from existing it is possible to receive without additional investments. Calculate how much money each customer brings you. To do this quite easy - you just need to analyze the customer base and the amount average check.
  • Filter customer base. You can identify, eliminate, or reorient unprofitable buyers who do not bring you profit.
  • Growth arrived. An increase in sales does not mean a mandatory reduction in prices. After all many customers are willing to pay more for high service.

Execution these goals and creating a truly successful sales culture requires time and a combination of many factors: it is necessary to build a system sales management select staff with suitable personality characteristics, learn methods and techniques effective trading , develop a reward system and KPI indicators for employees.

when the staff is selected, formed, trained in the basics and corporate culture, It’s important for a manager to train their skill, without which good sales impossible - customer focus.

Role of customer focus in successful sales

customer focus

To to hold your buyer, the maximum is necessary customer focus. They should want to come back to you - great service stands out from the crowd. Sell goods today not enough - you need to know and be interested in the tastes of the consumer.

We already mentioned at the very beginning that finding the right one for the price and quality the goods are now easy, so the customer needs to be filled positive emotions, so that he recommends your product or store and increased the number of people loyal to your brand.

One of the clearest examples when powerful principles of corporate culture create an attractive image for the company as a whole, IKEA can be considered. Values of the company reach not only employees, but also buyers. The main slogan of IKEA is: “Change for the better life of many people".

IKEA employees

and all people working in the company believe that they can do it. IKEA is always as open and very customer-oriented. Staff love their work, which means they transfer their admiration for the company and consumer. In Sweden, there is truly an IKEA furniture cult - working in companies are prestigious, and buying their products is nice. General promise from companies to customers - the belief that together they change the world for the better. AND These values have been strictly observed for many decades.

Buyers rarely separate the goods from the company and its employees - often important every little thing: how the seller talks with the client, how quickly decides questions, etc. The first impression greatly influences the decision on purchase. In addition to the personal qualities of the “real seller”, an employee must have a high organization and a clear plan of action. therefore the corporate culture code is very important. For example, you can to prescribe the need and importance of timely communication with potential buyer, punctuality of employees (calls only to strictly planned time), competent speech and other factors that help show respect for the client.

How to build a sales culture in the company

how to build a sales culture

Culture sales should always be consistent with the current goals of the company. When you have clearly identified them, you can begin to create norms and values sales culture. Consider its main components.

Team cohesion and a strong leader. In small firms, the owner or manager can engage in and organization of the sales department. But if you see that the business is standing on place, and the implementation is falling, it may be worth attracting a third-party specialist for a “fresh look” at the existing culture. Or An alternative can be a strong leader within the team. The main the promise of a strong culture should be a focus on success and faith in victory. If the team has at least one person who has this doubt and expresses them out loud, it is worth considering the question of his dismissal. Otherwise, the decomposition of morale and the foundations of culture is not to avoid.

Lack of organizational barriers. Often inertness of management or existing work style inhibits implementation any progressive changes. Keep a balance between customer focus and “fit” sales culture to existing inside company values.

Quality communication, which promotes the spread of culture. Declare your goals, mission, ways to succeed. Properly built communication will convey your message from top management through sellers to consumers.

Compliance of statements and actions. If the manager declares the importance of long-term results and nurturing loyal customers, but punishes the seller for the absence indicators at the very beginning of the work, then it contributes to the absence of trust. After all, the norms and values spelled out in corporate culture, should really work.

Create a reward system. Show to employees, how much you value them - give them an incentive to value the client and take care of him. After all, this brings recognition and bonuses to the manager. Develop a transparent performance system and bonus program. A great example of rewards is the Magu Kau company, which annually gives the best sellers a pink Cadillac. For many employees recognition of leadership, team or getting is very important certain status. Choose a reward system for excellent sales results and make it part of the sales culture.

strong team

To maintain a strong culture within the company, follow these guidelines:

  • review and evaluate the compliance of the sales culture with the current goals of the company and its market position;
  • support positive team behavior;
  • reinforce words and statements with real actions;
  • strive to maintain a sales atmosphere and highly motivated employees with the help of a strong leader.

Formation A strong sales culture is the key to the development of the company. If your employees adhere to common values and “carry” them to the client, your the brand will be perceived as successful and important. Customer oriented approach and high service will always attract people and contribute active sales!