The popularity of social networks is growing rapidly. Users both consume content and create their own. A similar trend is in the hands of companies and private to people who promote themselves or business through Facebook, Instagram, Youtube. Number of likes, comments, reposts - key indicators Success of SMM (Social Media Marketing).

Key repost factors

In order for a person to share someone else’s publication on the social network, it must not only attract and retain his attention, but also convince to make a repost. We identified 3 groups of factors that affect the motivation to share read. Each of the groups was conditionally named:
1. About what?
2. How?
3. When?


What about?

In the conditions of Internet oversaturation with information, only useful, interesting and
relevant content is popular. To do this, you need to know your target audience, namely:

  • What worries?
  • What is he afraid of?
  • What are you interested in?
  • What do you like?
  • What is it striving for?
  • What is your dream?
  • What does he want to know?
  • What and who inspires?
  • What does not have time?

Answers to questions will become the basis for publication topics relevant to reader requirements. Such questions are the key to finding insights, secrets, true motives target audience behavior. Knowing these nuances will help create unique content and awaken the reader’s strong emotions with which he will want to share.

The author should become the source of information that is trusted. Educate the reader Build a reputation as an expert in your field. The more practical the article, the react to it more actively. Timeliness is also important. Keep track of trends ahead of them. Publish posts on time that are relevant Here and now.



when the author understands what to write about, on which topics to create content, you need decide in what form and how to present it. We focused on 5 characteristics of content on which involvement directly depends users.

1. Headline
A catchy, catchy headline pays attention to yourself, prompts you to open a post and start reading. It may be useful, include a solution to a problem, or carry a unique offer.

2. Form and structure
The most popular forms of articles on social networks: articles-how (how to), walkthroughs, selections and ratings. Lead (introduction) - the very first part of the publication, which read after the headline. It is fascinating in nature. What is it like an invitation, after reading which, the user decides whether he wants continue. Create successful leads, they often become the cause reposts, since most people do not read the article to the end.

Use storytelling - write stories. This type of native (indirect) advertising allows give a business a human face. Story postings trigger trust and easy to remember. They take into account psychological chips and supplement the facts with emotions.

3. Readability

Text is readable when it is literate and easy to read. The latter is achieved through
short sentences, paragraphs, bulleted lists, a balance between brevity and completeness of information.

4. Design and visualization

These options turn readable text into an attractive presentation. Enrich your content with images, charts, and videos. Do not tell, but show.

5. Size

Short and long posts perform different tasks. For useful content, which is of practical use, articles from 3,000 characters are suitable. Short publications save time, have an advertising purpose.



Publishing time is key. What day of the week, what time is it in post - often become crucial factors in the reaction to it. Here need to test the schedule of active presence target audience in the social network. Of the general, but not mandatory rules - Russian-speaking Facebook users are least active from Friday evening to Monday morning.

Use the tips above - and the popularity of publications will increase.
This is most effective when combined with all
SMM tools.

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