For CitySites network of city sites staff - the main asset, ensuring its future growth. Effective search and selection of employees - one of the key factors for the success of a city site in any country. This CitySites also transfers its philosophy to partners who join the network on a franchise basis.

Who are we looking for?

The development of the city portal is provided by 3 main categories of employees:

  • advertising sales managers - attract advertisers;
  • journalists - create news and other content on the site;
  • managers - provide operational and strategic business management.

Policy CitySites provides for the possibility of hiring managers and Journalists with no work experience. The main criterion is a proactive position. job seeker, his desire to learn and become a professional in his field.

Where are we looking?


CitySites and network partners place vacancies and find applicants using several sources in the complex.

1. Top job search sites (job sites) in the country where the city portal operates:

  • Ukraine - "HeadHunter", "Work.ua", "Rabota.ua", "Jobs.ua".
  • Russia - "Work in Russia", "HeadHunter", "SuperJob ", "Rabota.ru".
  • Belarus - "Jobs.tut.by", "Praca.by", "Rabota.by", "Belmeta.com".
  • Kazakhstan - "HeadHunter", "Rabota.nur.kz", "Joblab.kz", "Zarplata.kz".
  • Lithuania - "Сvbankas.lt", "Cv.lt", "Cvonline.lt", "Cvmarket.lt".

2. Message boards - for example, "Avito.ru", "Olx.ua";
3. Social networks - “Facebook”, “LinkedIn”, “VKontakte”. Including groups for individual cities or professions in social networks;
4. Own resources - the site of a particular city. Portal Jobs placed in the "Work" section, in the form of banners or teaser announcements;
5. Popular online publications about online marketing and IT business, where there is special rubrics for posting vacancies, for example, “Cossa.ru", "Ain.ua";
6. Recommendations from acquaintances, customers, advertisers;
7. Other sources. You can contact the prestigious journalism departments universities of the city and inform them about the availability of vacancies journalists.

How are we looking?

Personnel search for city sites is an ongoing process. This approach allows you to create a reserve of applicants and quickly close the vacancies that appear.

Work with job sites is conducted on the basis of the purchase of full access to the database resume and its active monitoring. With contacts, you can independently contact potential candidates and draw up lists of real applicants.

Before an interview is underway: it is necessary to draw up questions for the applicant and think about those that the candidate may ask. It is important to clearly present the vacancy: the essence, conditions, working hours, duties, requirements, features of payment, how is the assessment work results, trial period, etc.

The main stages of the interview:

  1. Phone interview - you need to briefly tell what the site of the city is and CitySites network, describe the vacancy, ask clarifying questions and, if the candidate is interested in making an appointment.
  2. Personal interview - communication with the candidate to determine if he is suitable to a vacant position, and discuss the terms of cooperation.
  3. Feedback communication - a negative or positive response to the candidate. If two the parties are happy with everything, it’s worth discussing when the employee starts work.


Recommendations in conclusion

Follow the guidelines below to correctly create vacancies and find the best candidates:

  • Put yourself in the position of the applicant, the answers to what questions he would like to receive by reading the job description.
  • Write structured, simple and at the same time, on the case.
  • The vacancy name should be specific and include key queries.
  • Create a greeting and tell important, interesting facts about the city’s website and CitySites as an employer.
  • Show the working conditions in the form of benefits for the applicant, what benefits he will receive by working in a team of the city site.
  • Describe as much as possible what the future employee will do. To do this, use verbs instead of nouns.
  • Mark down the key requirements for the candidate after describing the working conditions.
  • Record the approximate level of payment and the motivational component (for managers, this is a percentage of advertising sales).


Examples of various vacancies You can see the network of CitySites urban sites using the link .

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