Facebook - This is a social network, popular around the world. Registered here millions of Internet users, including in all CIS countries. Facebook is a convenient and functional tool not only for communicating with friends, work colleagues, relatives. Here you can lead a good promotion for your business by posting on your page.

To coverage was maximum, you need to follow some rules. In that case, the effectiveness of messages on the page, both advertising and any others will be much higher. More people will see the information and, maybe share with your friends, colleagues. And this is exactly that the result we need. So, what, first of all, is necessary note?


Content quality

If you are interested in reading, then many people will see the page. Moreover, a large part will relate to viral coverage. That is, to those people who are in your friends list of friends. Accordingly, having a good content, you can develop page traffic geometric progression.

Be sure to use various methods to increase engagement. It can be:

  • videos;
  • comic book article;
  • content with beautiful photos you want to share.


IN Ideally, you should not repeat the content found on other pages. Uniqueness is very important. And if your subscribers will be interested content, and if they can only read and watch it on your page, then the coverage will grow by leaps and bounds.


Becoming popular, many people relax and begin to be lazy, less while working. This applies to everyone: once popular singers, YouTube bloggers. This rule also applies to Facebook pages. A very big mistake will cease to regularly post content, achieving the desired result. After all, popularity fades much faster than it comes. Your subscribers will quickly find another author with similar content and forget about you.

More the biggest mistake would be the lack of regularity in case you still are at the initial stages of promotion. Even if the popularity pages grows very slowly and it starts to seem like an undertaking meaningless, worth continuing. The main thing is to find out what your people like subscribers, and upload material regularly. Once upon a time popularity will increase several times and continue to grow. But if you will upload material on the page once a week or less, it is unlikely You can achieve any success at all.


Ask people to respond to messages

Principle Facebook feeds work in such a way that people’s involvement in your a post on the page will help him find himself in other people's feeds. More than people like, the more they comment and share the message, the more popular it is. Ask people to respond to the message if it is they liked it. And then popularity will grow.

of course not all subscribers agree to spend their time commenting records or just will forget about it. Therefore, a good way to increase the popularity of the post is to arrange a small contest among subscribers. For example, ask to come up with a name for the illustration. it a very effective way to help increase coverage by several times.


Provoking discussion in the comments

More one good tool to increase message reach is provoking discussion in the comments to posts. Let's say you want tell you in a Facebook feed about a product you want to sell. For example, women's perfumes. Provoke a discussion in comments.

You can do it yourself or with the help of a friend, colleague. For example, you can ask a question related to aroma, or write that recently acquired these perfumes for the wife. People will respond and respond by asking counter questions and sharing their experiences. Be sure to answer comments on behalf of the community / group.


In conclusion

Using with these simple tips, you will surely succeed and be able to Increase Facebook audience reach to the level you want. The main thing is to study your audience, understand what it needs, and work on increasing user engagement regularly. Remember that success doesn't come right away. But with the proper investment of time and effort, he must will come to everyone.

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