В large companies periodically there is a need for new workers. But finding an experienced specialist is often very difficult, and sometimes - unrealistic. Therefore, first take an intern for a trial period. IN at the end of training and after passing certification, this newcomer can receive a good job in the company.

How long should the internship last?

Time internships are established directly by the head of the company. After all it can vary greatly depending on the field of activity enterprises. If it is, for example, a real estate company and a newbie internship as a sales manager, then the training may last just one week. Specific skills are not needed here. But if it’s it’s about some complicated production, the internship can last a few months.


What Regarding working time, it is also established by the head. Sometimes the intern spends the entire working day with his mentor. But there are cases when this time is much less. For example, any service sector where the main work is in the evening. In this case, the manager may decide that the intern does not have to come to study in the morning or afternoon.

Important stipulate in advance wages fixed in fixed-term labor the contract. Unfortunately, many executives believe that an intern should be grateful for the chance, and get him a salary not necessary. This is fundamentally wrong. For every hour of training a beginner, even during trial period, must get your financial reward. After all, he works on a par with his mentor.

How are internships at companies?

As a rule, any internship takes place in several stages.


1. Initially, the intern mentor shows all the specifics of the work and tells how and what to do, demonstrating this in practice.

2. After gaining initial knowledge, the mentor asks the intern to help with work process. At the same time, he makes the necessary comments and tips if they needed by an intern.

3. The final stage is certification.

How do I know if an intern is ready to work full time?

Certification is something like an exam in an educational institution. It can take place in several ways.


1. Oral survey. The head asks questions from the category: “It happened to us is this - what needs to be done? "or" A client came with such a question - what will you do?".

2. Practical certification. When the trial period came to an end, and the trainee is already ready to pass certification, he can be entrusted with practical task. For example, when it comes to a manager advising buyer in the store, then when visiting the store the next buyer, to an intern goes to him. At the same time, the mentor is nearby, corrects the trainee, if necessary, and also fixes all the shortcomings.

Newbie Mentor / Supervisor Supervision


Often certification alone is not enough. Since, returning to the example of consultant manager, today the buyer can ask for advice about choosing a TV, and tomorrow - about choosing a refrigerator. Therefore, even after hiring a novice, the first time he is better to appoint a mentor who can control all the actions taken on the work of the employee, and help him if necessary.

Gradually adding responsibilities to a newbie

If load the beginner immediately with a lot of responsibilities, he can get lost in information, confuse it and, ultimately, do the job wrong. Therefore, it’s better to gradually add responsibilities to a new employee.


Answers to questions (trainee supervisor)

very Communication between supervisor and trainee is important. Good employee he will ask questions to his mentor during the training. But if he doesn’t ask anything and says that everything is clear, it’s better to act vice versa: during training, constantly ask questions to the trainee. So this way you can easily see if the newbie really understands the specifics of the work and all the actions of the mentor.

Praise and encouragement to the intern


Any a person, if he tries and performs his duties correctly, deserves a little praise. This rule applies to trainees on work. Praise is one of the best motivations for even greater endeavor. IN In addition to verbal encouragement, some companies may also have material. For example, permission to take dinner home after a working day, if the intern is working in a restaurant, cafe.

Gradual career growth and change in employee kpi


KPI - these are indicators showing the effectiveness of the company and successful promotion to your goals. If the new employee is good at himself recommended, showed the necessary qualities, then his career can go up. But at the same time, the employee kpi should increase. For example, increasing the production plan, or reducing the time spent on one or another job. In other words, increasing requirements for the effectiveness of an individual employee so that he develops as part company, bringing it closer to the desired goal.

which no matter the position and duration of the internship, remember that one of the main conditions for its conduct - goodwill towards a new person. After all it is from the attitude of the leader and the whole team to the trainee depend on his success and further adaptation. Maintain a favorable team atmosphere and interns in your company will be faster turn into specialists!

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