Advertising Is an engine of progress and trade. Every day in the world are advertised thousands of different goods and services: on TV, on the Internet, in print publications, on city streets and in other ways. But before you start disseminate information about a particular activity or product, it is worth remembering: there are a number of goods and services that are prohibited in most countries of the world. Or their advertising is strictly controlled.



how typically, most explosives, ranging from dynamite, ending with grenades, manufactured at defense enterprises. Them activity is strictly controlled by the legislation of the country. By customers These enterprises are various law enforcement agencies. Explosives can also be handed to rescuers to remove obstacles during rescue mission, or builders to demolish buildings. Advertising like goods are strictly prohibited in all countries of the world.

Melee weapons

Cold weapons can be purchased in many countries. Often it is souvenir. For example, beautiful exquisite swords, swords. They are sold in specialized stores. But despite the fact that buy this products are real in almost every country; their advertising is also prohibited legislative norms.



Hunting guns can be bought in specialized stores in most countries. IN some countries may also purchase a firearm or revolver. For example, firearms are legalized in the United States. But advertising of this category of goods is strictly regulated by law. Maximum, you can advertise traumatic weapons. And then, not in all countries. Firearms advertising prohibited in most countries.

Sexual advertising

Remove sexual tension, going to the legal "house of love" in just a few countries. Prostitution is not legalized almost anywhere. IN including in none of the CIS countries. Accordingly, advertising services sexual activity is also prohibited, as are the services themselves.

Child pornography ads

Pornography legalized in some western countries. But there are strict restrictions. One of the main concerns the age of participants in similar photos and video materials. Advertising for child pornography is very severely punished law in all countries of the world.


Narcotic and psychotropic drugs

Turnover narcotic and psychotropic drugs are strictly controlled government agencies in most countries. Though some psychotropic drugs may be prescribed for treatment sick people, their advertising is completely prohibited. In some countries light drug use is permitted. But advertising for this product is not allowed.

Human trafficking (slave trade)

The slave trade and serfdom were abolished in all countries for decades and even centuries ago, depending on the country. Accordingly, advertising about selling housekeepers or any other workforce is prohibited in all countries of the world.

Internal trade

Official the sale of their internal organs is prohibited in almost all countries. One from few countries where you can buy a kidney without fear The consequences of the law are Iran. This practice has helped people in need of an organ to save a life. But even in this country advertising of internal organs is prohibited. All deals go through directly between the donor and the hospitals.


Advertising hacking sites, social networks

Surely, many people would like to read personal correspondence at least once in their life your soulmate. Craftsmen found various ways to hack pages on social networks. This business would be very profitable. After all there are a lot of curious and jealous people around the world. But advertise similar services are prohibited. They are contrary to law and the right to personal life in all countries of the world.

Advertise for any physical abuse or homicide services

About hired killers made many films. Hired athletes who in some countries are called aunts, also resolve issues illegal methods: bully, inflict bodily harm and destroy property. Of course, these actions are prosecuted by law in all civilized countries. Advertising of such services is not allowed in any of them.


Partial restrictions on advertising products and services

in Most countries also have partial advertising bans. They are relate to various products and services that cannot be advertised use certain phrases. Or, conversely, it is necessary to say about possible harm. For example:

  • in most countries in the world when advertising alcohol or tobacco products must be said about the dangers of these products to health, as well as the minimum age at which these products are allowed to be consumed;
  • in the advertising of food supplements in a number of countries it is not allowed to use words such as: "treat", "treatment";
  • in some countries advertise lotteries, financial institutions and credit companies should not contain phrases about the benefits of these services, encouraging people acquire them.

In conclusion

how we see the prohibitions and restrictions on advertising apply not only to those goods and services whose use is expressly prohibited by law. There are a number restrictions regarding other products and various fields activities. Carefully study the laws of the country in which planning to advertise specific products. And don't try covertly advertise those activities that are directly prohibited. This can cause irreparable damage to the reputation of your brand, and also create advertiser criminal liability risks.

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