For customer acquisition uses many tricks. Email Marketing - one of the most common and effective. Of course, many people they treat negative letters negatively and don’t even open them. But there are several psychological "chips" that will increase the interest of the recipient to your letter. They will help to establish communication at an emotional level and will attract the attention of even those customers who in 99% of cases remove emails flagging them as spam.


Colors and shades

None it's no secret that certain colors affect the human brain and its subconscious. This is a fairly strong influence. By choosing the right colors and shades of your message, you can interest the client. In the end, he will read the letter and, possibly, will use your services or purchase goods.

Each color has not only pluses, but also minuses. For example:

  • Red shades help you experience the emotions associated with energy, warmth and love. But they can also feel anger or danger.
  • Blue shades are responsible for a sense of calm, confidence. But they can cause fear.

kALfFto_FYpWN1fUVOllFYHVKA32Pjqx.pngImportant to choose not only the color of the background and text, but also the color of the button for any action (go to the site, subscribe to a group, and so on Further). If you have a good understanding of colors and emotions, which they cause, you can easily subconsciously act on potential customer.

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For example, to report a special offer or discount, it is best to choose yellow or green. Moreover, if the color of the newsletter will remind about your brand, this is another plus, because the recipient of the letter subconsciously will mark your company as reliable and stable.

Every customer needs to feel special

Any a person likes to consider himself special. This psychological "trick" is also can be used in email marketing. Tell potential customer about an exclusive offer that is limited and he will turn to it Attention.


Also You can offer the recipient special conditions for the acquisition of goods or services if he takes a specific action. For example, if you enter group of your company or make an entry on your page in social network.

Curiosity is a great feature of every potential customer

Curiosity - this is a gap between what a person already knows and what he wants discover. Psychologists argue that it is this trait that makes people study information more carefully, read advertising messages. To use this feature of a person is very simple: ask the right question in the message header. For example:

  • Want to lose weight without exhausting diets? We know how to do it!
  • Have you long been dreaming of an inexpensive vacation by the ocean? We will arrange it for you!
  • Tired after a hard day? Visit us, we will help you relax!


Important so that the potential customer has an idea of the first part of the header. It may consist only of an interrogative sentence, hinting potential client that in the letter is waiting for an answer to the question asked. Waiting for useful information for himself, he will open the letter and read it in hoping to solve your problem or get unforgettable emotions.

Mention the most important information at the beginning and end of the letter

Specialists claim that people remember information that is best located at the beginning and at the end of a list or a long message. Take advantage of this. Provide the most important information at the beginning of the letter.


Apply receiving a replay at the end of the letter. For example, write a small P.S. Remember to also personalize the message in the the beginning. For example: “Dear customer!”, “Dear colleagues!”.

Recurring syllables

Many large companies use the technique of repeating syllables or rhymes. The thing is the fact that the easier the text is read, the faster and better it is remembered. After all, a person enjoys reading literate and aesthetically pleasing text.


Reception can be used in the message header, in its subject. He will help make the message memorable. For example: “The most powerful. Most quick. The most stylish. "

Social proof

If a potential customer will read your message and see it as social proof of the quality and necessity of your services, goods, then it trust in your company will increase many times.


Thanks social proof, convincing the client is much easier. It can be customer reviews, the rating of your services on large sites or in search engines, various letters and certificates.

In conclusion

by doing email newsletter, remember that you are not accessing a computer, but live to man. Consider the psychology of potential customers. Use various "chips" to attract attention. remember, that effective emailing can greatly improve business of your company, having gained the trust of many customers.

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