W - Employee Health

People who feel good, work better. They are more productive think faster and do better in comparison with their colleagues, who suffer from malaise. What makes you feel sick and How to deal with it in modern offices:

  1. Sedentary work is the number one enemy for the spine and a friend of swollen legs.
  2. The attractive blue light of the monitor tires your eyes and causes dryness.
  3. Lack of sufficient daylight increases fatigue.
  4. Snacks, sweets and tonic drinks in large quantities harm the stomach.
  5. Colleagues with colds who infect others.
  6. Unfriendly relations in the team, moral pressure on subordinates from leaders.


All these factors affect the quality of work performed not for the better. But, there is good news, it’s simple enough to level and create comfortable "healthy office".

About - Evaluation of comfort level

First, where to start, evaluate on a ten-point scale the conditions in which your employees work. Below we list the parameters with which you can start evaluating. Supplement it if you need it:

  1. Managers openly encourage short breaks during work.
  2. There is a separate lounge room where people can warm up or do light exercise.
  3. The rooms are bright enough with large windows. On the tables and windowsills are living plants.
  4. The company treats with fruits, vegetables, nuts. Provides drinking water, green tea in sufficient quantities.
  5. The staff has a cleaning lady who does wet cleaning several times a week and wipes the dust.
  6. Rooms equipped with a cleaning and air conditioning system several times in day, windows must open to ventilate.
  7. Employees are provided with paid sick leave, they are allowed to work at home in case they are "sick."
  8. The relations in the team are friendly, there is no place for insults, moral pressure.
  9. A balance is maintained between the working day and rest time, there is no systemic processing and work without days off on an ongoing basis.
  10. Employees look cheerful, do the work on time, offer new ideas.


After of how you conducted the initial assessment and found out which of the points you have flaws it's time to move on to improve the situation.

F - Live and work with joy

The term healthy lifestyle is deciphered as a healthy lifestyle. To achieve Zen in this matter, you need to follow simple rules:

  1. Sit at the table straight, do not slouch.
  2. do a break in work every hour for about five minutes. You can walk along corridor or just stand, look out the window, distract from the monitor.
  3. Ventilate at least three times a day, and preferably as needed.
  4. drink at least five cups of water per day, so the water balance in the body and improves well-being. Do not drink a lot of coffee and strong tea.
  5. do simple physical exercises: tilting your head to the side, squats, warming up of the hands and feet. Shaking hands and feet, turning the body to the side, to pull back muscles.
  6. go out to the street several times a day for five to seven minutes or longer. Part lunch break is useful to spend on walks in the fresh air.
  7. not there is a lot of sweet and salty. Give preference to fruits, vegetables and yogurt as a snack. Eat full at lunch, but not overeat.
  8. Friendly communicate with colleagues, resolve disputes constructively, without personal insults. Help newcomers get comfortable. Smile and enjoy the achievements of others.
  9. If you get sick, it’s better to sit at home for a couple of days, and the disease will pass faster and more strength.


Managers, who want to save money on sick days and downtime, should choose spacious offices with large windows, take care of clean and comfortable. Set real achievable tasks, give subordinates time, help in solving difficult situations, be responsive and sympathetic.

Encourage subordinates go in for sports, ride a bicycle to work and give up bad habits. To do this, you can equip parking lot or give bonus oranges to those who promise not to smoke.

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