Do you Know the saying, "it's not the amount of knowledge, and the quality of them." Here also sites in the issuance of Yandex. Now it's not how much other resources they are referenced, and the quality and usefulness of content for users.

Before Yandex did estimate the value of the indicator TIC – thematic index citation. Was it from the quantity and relevance of links which lead to estimate the resource. The higher it is, the better. But it fairly quickly learned to "cheat". Bought need references other sites, and the sites began to rise in the results, as mushrooms after a rain. After changing algorithms and "values" of external search engines the reference is not so important and they decided to "ignore".


In the end of August 2018 figure X – quality index site. This is due to the fact that the content and its importance goes on the first plan. Than it is more useful for people, the better. The metric will be be calculated on the basis of:

  1. The percentage of failures and time of the visitor's interaction with the content;
  2. Compliance of the text with a person’s request and completeness of information;
  3. The number of transitions via direct requests, which contain the organization's name or brand; the
  4. Total number of visits;
  5. The technical specifications: load speed, optimized for screens of smartphones and tablets. the
  6. reference to geography user;
  7. on the Opinions and data in other services: Maps, Zen, Metric, and social networks.


If to compare the citation indices and quality, the new was more "honest" and comprehensive method of evaluation. It is difficult "cheat", and it is more objective.

Team Yandex at the time of this writing does not disclose all the cards and definitely does not answer the question of what it will depend on. One side, to protect the metric from overly active webmasters. FROM another - because they themselves are still in the process of testing, and according to necessary, will make adjustments.


What are the benefits

New characteristic will help users to form a certain credit of trust at the first acquaintance. Many faced the problem of irrelevance and distortion of information on the network. On the Internet, everyone is free to write what he at will and it creates tons of content that is simply useless and subjective. When a person first visits a site, he doesn’t know how much the information presented on it suits him. So as not to wasting time on empty reading, he can see the value of ICS. Than it is higher, the site can be considered more suitable.

This is will allow people to save time and effort in finding the right material, and for content creators, this is an incentive to become better and strive to develop their projects.

Where to see the numbers

If the numerical value of the “X” parameter is not displayed on the resource, then it can be viewed on third-party sites, for example on https://pr-cy.ru/ . Here is how, for example, the parameters of our https://citysitesglobal.com look like as of September 24, 2018.


Parameters on pr -cy.ru for citysitesglobal.com

For owners, marketers and webmasters, this data is available in the Yandex webmaster account in the Summary section.

Please note that this metric does not affect search extradition is more likely a consequence of it than a cause of formation. But in in any case, the higher it is, the more likely the resource has to be on first page.

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