Administrative panel - A program or web page for administering something. The task of the admin panel is to create and edit site content.

Accreditation - procedure official confirmation of compliance of the facility with established criteria and indicators (standard). In journalism applied as a procedure appointment of a journalist and recognition of his authority as a state body, public association or organization. In other words, the organization trusts the journalist, allowing him to be held events.

Banner - rectangular areas of various sizes, used to display advertisements on the site.

Branding is the process of forming the image of a brand (brand) over a long period, as well as promoting a brand in the market.

Branding - Compliance with the general corporate identity - visual and semantic unity of organization image. Elements of corporate identity are: product name, logo, trademark, office design, company name, company colors, slogan, style and colors of overalls for employees of the enterprise, as well as other intellectual property owned by the organization.

Brand book - an official document of the company, which describes the brand concept, brand attributes, target audience, company positioning and others data that guides the marketing department and business executives to build communication with consumers and develop the company in whole. In addition, the brand book contains a complete guide to corporate style, which includes a detailed description of each brand element on various media, both advertising and corporate.

Webinar - a variation web conferencing, conducting online meetings or presentations through The Internet. During the web conference, each participant is at of your computer, and communication between them is supported via the Internet via a downloadable application installed on a computer each member, or through a web application.

Eternal link - this is a link posted on the site for the entire period of its existence with one-time payment. That is, you pick up good sites and buy links once and for all. Search eternal links are much appreciated by systems, as it decreases the likelihood that such a link is bought for a month or two, just to artificially increase the parameters of the site and raise it in the search results.

Temporary link - link, indicating the site in question, which is hosted on a donor resource only for some time (depending on the P

Search Engine Indexing - Availability site pages in the database of search engines. In essence, this is a bypass by robots. search engines of the site, and entering it into the database. Search robots enter base information about the site and all its pages that are available for search. A search bot indexes links, images, videos, and others elements on the site.

Case - real case, on the example of which theoretical ideas are understood. Method cases (case method, method of specific situations, method of situational analysis) - a learning technique that uses a description of real economic, social and business situations. Students must investigate the situation, understand the essence of the problems, suggest possible solutions and choose the best one. Cases are based on real actual material or close to the real situation.

Conversion - action, which marketers want to get from a visitor. check in account, adding to cart, filling out a questionnaire, using the function search, etc. called microconversions. Billing Conversions product - macro conversion.

Content - is everything on the site: text content, images, audio, video and other files of any extensions. For user content may be submitted for viewing, downloading or other activities. Regular site content is one of the signs site vitality. Updating site content is a must condition for its successful promotion.

Cross-platform - ability software run on more than one hardware platform and / or operating system. Provided by the use of high-level programming languages, development environments and runtimes that support conditional compilation, linking, and execution code for various platforms.

Link building (link building) - actions to increase the number of backlinks to the site - for Improvement of positions in search results. Link building carried out by posting the address of a promoted website, blog or firms to attract visitors and increase brand awareness.

Venues for posting links can be:

  • registration in subject catalogs;
  • registration in Maps (google, yandex, 2gis);
  • writing ads;
  • link exchange: you can find a partner with whom you will exchange links on mutually beneficial terms;
  • reference articles;
  • thematic forums;
  • information portals (city sites);
  • social media links;
  • photo catalogs, photo reports;
  • writing reviews to "advertise" a product / service;
  • online questionnaires;
  • video, video directories (YouTube).

Personal curator (support manager) CitySites - binder the link between the franchisor and the franchisee. He accompanies work from the moment signing the contract and throughout the entire period of cooperation, deals with dispute resolution, notifies of changes and additions, helps to introduce various innovations in the work, accepts franchisee offers and submits them for consideration franchisor.

Native ads is the way advertisers draw attention to themselves in context. sites and user interests. In the original, it is perceived as part of the viewed site, takes into account the features of the site, not identified as advertising and does not cause an audience rejection. Native advertising has many advantages: it takes into account features of the site and is in the context of the interests of the user, has a better chance of viral spread on social networks; has a high level of involvement; native advertising is not allowed to block; gives extra traffic.

Online Advertising - Advertising, posted on the Internet; promotion of goods, services, organizations and enterprises addressed to the mass client and having the character beliefs. The main types of online advertising:

  • banner - placement of graphic and text ads on the site in the form of banners;
  • contextual advertising - a type of advertising in which an advertisement is displayed in accordance with the content, context of the web page
  • social media ads;
  • advertising articles, etc.

Reach - part (percentage) of the population or target audience covered by the advertising message at least once during the reporting period. This Percentage of target audience viewing ads for a certain time span.

Lump-sum payment - a one-time payment for the right to use the franchisor’s brand.

Advertising Campaign - Targeted a system of planned promotional events united by one idea and concept to achieve a specific marketing goal within An advertiser’s consistent marketing strategy.

Retargeting - marketing technique when at various advertising platforms users see offers of goods or services that they don’t used while visiting a particular site. For example, after Browse Samsung Notebook Categories in Online Store User sees an ad in the Yandex ad network “For you, Samsung laptops with 30% discount. " Another retargeting strategy is to show ads with the goal of reselling to existing customers related products.

Franchisee Guide (Franchisee Guide ) - a set of rules and regulations that the franchisee undertakes to strictly comply with your business in order to achieve compliance franchisor business models. In a well-written guide provides a detailed program of behavior of the franchisee in one or another situation. The manual does not replace, but complements the training, which holds the franchisor.

Royalty - regular payments made by the franchisee in favor of the franchisor. Royalty may be a percentage of profit or a fixed amount.

Average check - is monetary turnover reduced to the number of checks per a certain period, the sum of all purchases made by customers for a certain period of time divided by the number of checks for the same period.

Targeting - Advertising a strategy in which sites demonstrate to their visitors Ads directly related to their interests and preferences. Marketers obtain the necessary information by tracking purchases and browsing history.

Website traffic is total number of visitors coming to the site from certain sources for a specified time period. Traffic sources may be: search engines (Google, Yandex, etc.), social networks, various online platforms (blogs, forums, message boards), and also direct visits (offline ads, browser bookmarks). Website traffic happens not only incoming, but also outgoing - when visitors leave with site via external links located on the pages (including advertising blocks). To monitor traffic to the site, special counters. The most popular services for providing such statistics (and not only it) are LiveInternet, Yandex.Metrica and Google Analytics

Target Audience (CA) - this is a group of people united by common characteristics (gender, age, gender occupation, social status, etc.), or united for the sake of any goals or objectives. This is that the audience to which, first of all, is targeted marketing communication. And it is this group of people in the first place will become a buyer of a service or product.

The target audience has common or similar:

  • signs (demographic, geographical, economic, psychographic, etc.);
  • motivation to buy;
  • methods and methods of making a purchase;
  • preferences for the place of shopping.

Franchisee - a person who has received the right to engage in entrepreneurial activity under the trademark of the franchisor. Franchise buyer.

Franchisor is a company allowing individuals and legal entities to use for a certain pay your brand, technology and products. This is a franchise seller and product owner.

Franchise package - it is a form of existence of a franchise ready for sale in the form of a package documents for franchisees and internal documents franchisor. It includes a brand book, management guide franchising company, franchising policy and a set of legal documents. Drawing up a franchise package is one of the important stages preparing a franchise for sale, as its quality depends on how the franchise value and the reputation of the company itself.

Franchise is a set of rights to use the franchisor’s brand and business model, as well as other benefits necessary for creating and running a business. As a franchise may be business methods, commodity sign, technology with mutual obligations and benefits between transmitting (franchisor) and receiving (franchisee) parties, provided for a fee and drawn up in accordance with the law on intellectual property protection.

Call to action - call, motivating the visitor to an immediate reaction - filling out the form, call back, etc. These are the main elements of the site leading to the conversion.

Google Adsense - service ads from Google. The program automatically places on websites text and image ads that are relevant to the context. The owners Advertising sites earn revenue from clicks (clicks visitors through sponsored links) and ad impressions.

Google Analytics - is a free service provided by Google to create detailed statistics on website visitors.

KPI or Key performance indicators - indicators company / employee activities that assist the organization in achievement of strategic and tactical goals. KPI allow you to produce control of business activity of employees, departments and companies in whole

SEO - a set of measures for internal and external optimization to increase the position of the site in the results of search engine results according to specific user requests, in order to increase network traffic (for information resources) and potential customers (for commercial resources) and subsequent monetization (income generation) this traffic.

SEO Optimizer - it's a specialist who makes an effective business tool out of a website account using search engine marketing. He designs and then implements a website development strategy so that the site attracts more and more targeted search traffic.

SEO-optimized text is special kind of articles optimized for search engine promotion systems. The main difference between seo texts and regular texts is the availability of the right the number of keywords for which this text is promoted in search systems.

SMM (Social Media Marketing) - process driving traffic or attention to a brand or product through social platforms. This is a set of measures for using social media in as channels for promoting companies and solving others business tasks. The focus is on creating content that people will spread through social networks on their own, increasing brand popularity. SMM is not an open ad. This is about unobtrusive advertising, building brand communities and providing quality content that has an audience for you and yours product. When promoting, an informal, trusting atmosphere is important - so people will better perceive the promoted products and services, and the brand image will rise.

UTM tag - small pieces of code that are added to the URL. Everyone the parameter in the UTM tag consists of two parts - the name of the parameter and its value. UTM tags help you get detailed information about each source of traffic. For example, determine which sections of the ad campaigns bring the least amount of profit. This will help promptly. respond to changes on the site and redistribute the advertising budget. You can find out how to create tags correctly in Analytics Help .