The most a valuable resource of any organization is people. Let the production robotic cars drive without drivers, cocktails makes a cyber bartender but human a resource is something without which it does not function not a single enterprise.

Highly often businessmen underestimate their employees, especially when it comes to small and medium business when the entrepreneur earns a little more, and often tries to save on everything, in including salaries to staff. Hence the constant staff turnover, staff change, etc. Sometimes a company leaving people whose care causes the collapse of the entire organization. To this did not happen, we will talk about key ways to retain employees from moving to competitors.

  1. Worthy wage. Yes, it is so corny that already sick. However without nobody will work for money. If you really interested in valuable frames, they need to pay with dignity. AND all. And the point. It cannot be otherwise. When Google is interested in frame, she will bring him from the wilderness, pay training, housing and will give a good salary. Yes you say your company - not Google, and you can’t imagine it let it. Do you want to to be great? Then you need something sacrifice!
  2. Let's bonuses to people! Period of holidays - time increased costs. let's bonuses to your valuable staff: cash payments or gifts to wives and children, preferential trips to the resort, etc. Also increase costs when employees getting married or giving birth to babies if you support them during this period, then they will appreciate and idolize you. All this can be provided in social package, but also suddenly give A “bonus” is also possible.
  3. You can share income. Many in between crises cannot afford raise wages, then it’s important make a profit distribution plan. You can offer additional interest for processing. Increases s / n after a certain period, periodic surcharges, etc. Of course if you there are more crises in the business than ups, then you need to review the maintenance entrepreneurship in general.
  4. PssZ6DGBRmvTQR5Os-H_aiPCihfd4NCA.jpgPermanent training. It will motivate employees to be in tandem with your company. Learning and Growth Opportunity allow employees to work on more complex projects your skill level, etc. If training provides an opportunity to receive and more money in your companies - then it's generally super.
  5. Add responsibility to them. Purposeful the employee is not afraid of responsibility, he will not shirk and refuse from additional duties, he is not afraid of difficulties, especially if it reward. Added responsibility bodes growth. And from a company where you can I don’t want to grow.
  6. yP3x_AuZywe1r8riw6ohRy6jyjjF5MU4.jpgrequired thank and praise the staff. Sometimes a person doesn’t need money, but only recognition of his achievements. is he wants to feel appreciated. You can pinch money, but thanks it is impossible to clamp. Moral recognition Merit is sometimes much more expensive.
  7. Give the opportunity for them to be owners. most valuable personnel can be offered a stake in companies, without fanaticism, of course. And also give an opportunity to others "Grow" to a stake in the company. Opportunity to master a piece of business - will keep up to the last.

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