There are areas of activity where the commercial offer is one of the main sales tools. B2B scope. In this case, purchases are made rationally, deliberately and KP plays a key role: it increases sales or takes your company to the long box.

When creating a commercial proposal, it is necessary to attract marketers, designers, copywriters and other specialists to achieve maximum results.

How to make an effective banal KP?

Step 1: Make a selling structure

Step 2: Write Convincing Text

Step 3: Create an Attractive Design

KP Selling Structure

When your proposal is correctly composed, following the goals of marketing, then its effectiveness immediately increases by almost 2 times. A document such as a sales mechanism will slowly engage the customer, grab his attention, be able to interest, close objections and encourage action.

A similar structure can be compared to preparing for a presentation, creating a landing page or a direct selling process.

What blocks need to be allocated?

  • USP (unique selling proposition)
  • Customer Benefits
  • Stages of cooperation
  • Cost of services (goods)
  • Workout Objection
  • Motivation for action

A unique offer right on the title page!

The title is the first thing the client sees. In these 2 seconds we need to hook and interest him. The main task is for him to go see the CP further. For this, a unique offer must be indicated in the form of a title on the cover page. It can be in the form of a phrase or several sentences that clearly and essentially represent your idea.

A mandatory unit is the benefits of working with your company (especially if the client has never heard of it before). The most basic condition is not to be unfounded, to indicate only real figures and facts. The most optimal block to present in the form of infographics.

At the stages of cooperation, it is necessary to describe in detail the service (or product) to increase the value of the product, as well as to increase motivation. Again, the maximum of facts and figures is already regarding the product. Speaking about the service, it is necessary to provide the client with a maximum of information about employees, equipment, etc., and also to show the intermediate results of cooperation.

If we are talking about goods, it is necessary to indicate its main characteristics and highlight the key advantages.

Argumentation of the price. The price of the product must be consistent with its value. Show this value to the customer. It’s not enough to attach a price list! It is important to show the cost of all stages, to compare the price and the result, to show that he will receive more than he invests. Cost does not have to be total; specify the offer.

Closure of objections. It seems that this is the task of the sales manager, however, when the decision maker is left alone with the offer, he has questions that he has no one to ask. For this, an objection processing unit is required. Analyze the latest deals and compose this block:

  • What are the most common objections among your customers?
  • What questions are asked before buying?
  • Does the customer have concerns and what?

Work through these points in your KP. This is called, close the "pain" of the client. He "hurts" the cost, timing, benefit, etc. Get rid of her!

Unique design KP

Today, without a beautiful picture, we will not go far. Our task is to create an attractive design, because no matter how gorgeous the offer, if visually it does not catch, is a failure. Design can be drawn to order, you can try to do it yourself, you can use online designers, which are now full of Internet. The main thing is to approach this issue with a soul.

Remember, a commercial offer is not a relic of the past, especially in the field of b2b, if you need maximum results, then a competent commercial offer is the key to success.