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Helper. New section on city sites
Helper is an information section that clearly answers important requests of city residents. Details in the author's article CitySites.
Date of publication: 07/09/2018
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IGTV for business
IGTV is a platform for viewing and downloading videos from 15 seconds to 60 minutes in length. How it can be used for brands - read in our article.
Date of publication: 04/09/2018
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Benchmarking for people and business
What is benchmarking and what does it eat? CitySites talks about benchmarking types and their benefits.
Date of publication: 28/08/2018
Reading time: 2
How to return a customer?
It is important not only the number of customers, but also their quality. Do I need to return all customers? About this and much more in our article
Date of publication: 21/08/2018
Reading time: 8
Children - school, adults - business!
The business of running a city site is easier than launching a rocket and more interesting than sitting on a couch. A very profitable investment, and that's why ...
Date of publication: 20/08/2018
Reading time: 2
Advertising for children: features of children's marketing
Marketers do not miss the opportunity to find new approaches for advertising aimed at children's audiences. Features of children's marketing in our article.
Date of publication: 10/08/2018

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