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How necessary and relevant audio advertising today can be found in the previous material, and today there are 7 practical tips for creating it.

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Reading time: 3
Audio advertising - future or past?
We have prepared information about the popularity of audio advertising and the facts that will make your video as effective as possible.
Date of publication: 15/11/2019
Reading time: 3
A few tips on working with negative reviews
In the article, we will talk about how to work with negative customer reviews.
Date of publication: 11/10/2019
Reading time: 4
Opinion leaders, bloggers, influencers .... With whom and how to work?
Today every second wants to be called a blogger, but not everyone succeeds. In this article we will look at how to work with opinion leaders, as well as whom and how to choose.
Date of publication: 06/09/2019
Reading time: 5
Seasonal content: a selection of the best topics for the whole autumn for any company
For each type of activity specific topics are relevant, but there is something that unites everyone. Therefore, the selection of topics and events will be universal, and you, the owner of the business, can adjust ideas to your direction.
Date of publication: 27/08/2019
Reading time: 8
Oush's 8 girlfriends ... Marketer
Today we’ll talk about the tools that are mentioned in particularly large ratings. Which are used by the whole world and which will take business to a new level.
Date of publication: 13/08/2019
Reading time: 7
Modern partnership: 7 working principles
Today we will discuss several rules that must be observed if you have already decided on a common business.
Date of publication: 06/08/2019

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