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Those who write for websites or blogs every day must face the problem: "what to write when there is nothing to write about." In the article we will talk about what to write when there are no ideas at all

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The copywriter is also a man: part 2
Today we look at common copywriter errors related to the visual part of the text. This article will be interesting to those who write articles themselves on their sites, conduct social networks, etc.
Date of publication: 22/10/2019
Reading time: 3
Profession journalist
The power of the pen is one of the most powerful tools for influencing the masses. Today we will talk about important points and difficulties in the profession of a journalist.
Date of publication: 03/09/2019
Reading time: 5
Seasonal content: a selection of the best topics for the whole autumn for any company
For each type of activity specific topics are relevant, but there is something that unites everyone. Therefore, the selection of topics and events will be universal, and you, the owner of the business, can adjust ideas to your direction.
Date of publication: 27/08/2019
Reading time: 7
Selling texts of a new sample: what has become an antitrend?
Much is left in the past: video players, tetris, tamagotchi, yo-yo, etc. Trends change every day. Gone were the tricks in the selling texts, which in the 2010s worked and attracted potential customers like bees for honey.
Date of publication: 30/07/2019
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How to get the most loyal traffic through the city portal
When posting on forums, portals, news sites, it is also necessary to select content efficiently and efficiently, write sales articles, etc.
Date of publication: 19/03/2019
Reading time: 2
How to choose the best pictures for the design of articles and advertising?
How to choose the right image for the site and the advertising company - we ask this question before publishing any content. This material will tell you several services for finding images, the basic rules for choosing illustrations and why you can not do
Date of publication: 26/07/2018

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