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How necessary and relevant audio advertising today can be found in the previous material, and today there are 7 practical tips for creating it.

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Rules of “hunting” for the target audience, or how to get the maximum.
Where to find your customer? Methods that will help in the "field" conditions to determine it and get the result.
Date of publication: 01/03/2019
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Onboarding. Focus on the result
Onboarding is at the same time the most difficult and most effective part of marketing. Properly designed onboarding will not only introduce the user to the service.
Date of publication: 08/02/2019
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Christmas newsletters and more
Agree, + 30% to sales just during the preparation of one letter is an excellent result. Of course, you need to know a few simple rules, which we will tell you about in the article.
Date of publication: 18/12/2018
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Secrets of turning a client into a brand advocate
The OBS method is the most effective for brand promotion, but at the same time cheap in monetary terms
Date of publication: 24/10/2018
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Chatbots cannot be ignored. Where to put a comma, you choose
A chatbot, like an employee, can do a different job. It all depends on why the company needs it. CitySites has gathered useful information for you.
Date of publication: 14/09/2018
Reading time: 2
How to return a customer?
It is important not only the number of customers, but also their quality. Do I need to return all customers? About this and much more in our article
Date of publication: 21/08/2018

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