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The power of the pen is one of the most powerful tools for influencing the masses. Today we will talk about important points and difficulties in the profession of a journalist.

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7 Essential Things to Keep Valuable Employees
The most valuable resource of any organization is people. Sometimes people leave the company, whose departure causes the collapse of the entire organization. To avoid this, we will talk about the main ways to keep employees from moving to competitors.
Date of publication: 02/08/2019
Reading time: 2
Are adaptation and staff training a modern trend or a necessity?
To accelerate the adaptation of the employee in a new place, there are a number of methods and programs that are already tested and integrated today under the digital age.
Date of publication: 22/02/2019
Reading time: 2
Staff onboarding
Onboarding is an effective system that helps a newcomer to quickly get used to a new workplace. CitySites shares helpful tips in this article.
Date of publication: 05/02/2019
Reading time: 1
Automation VS Employees
Already, there are niches that are fully automated, and practically do not need to attract additional employees.
Date of publication: 29/01/2019
Reading time: 2
The brand of the employer. How to hire the best employees
The brand of the employer will consist of guarantees and bonuses that the organization provides its employees. Read more in the CitySites article.
Date of publication: 28/09/2018
Reading time: 2
Healthy office
The health of employees is the key to successful work and productivity in the company. In this article, we share tips for maintaining the health of the team and interest in work.
Date of publication: 20/09/2018

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