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Those who write for websites or blogs every day must face the problem: "what to write when there is nothing to write about." In the article we will talk about what to write when there are no ideas at all

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Rules of “hunting” for the target audience, or how to get the maximum.
Where to find your customer? Methods that will help in the "field" conditions to determine it and get the result.
Date of publication: 01/03/2019
Reading time: 2
5 useless ways to promote your business
There is no universal model of work for everyone, but there is no universal model of work for everyone, but there are other tools that have already departed to the world, which are unlikely to ever return to the list of effective ones. We bring to your at
Date of publication: 26/02/2019
Reading time: 2
Are adaptation and staff training a modern trend or a necessity?
To accelerate the adaptation of the employee in a new place, there are a number of methods and programs that are already tested and integrated today under the digital age.
Date of publication: 22/02/2019
Reading time: 3
Marketing 4.0
The whole progressive world today speaks of the fourth industrialization, which is changing the world. Let's consider the most interesting trends.
Date of publication: 19/02/2019
Reading time: 1
Business models of Internet projects
Properly building a business model for an online project that will allow you to allocate and plan expenses
Date of publication: 12/02/2019
Reading time: 2
Onboarding. Focus on the result
Onboarding is at the same time the most difficult and most effective part of marketing. Properly designed onboarding will not only introduce the user to the service.
Date of publication: 08/02/2019

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