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How necessary and relevant audio advertising today can be found in the previous material, and today there are 7 practical tips for creating it.

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Reading time: 3
A few tips on working with negative reviews
In the article, we will talk about how to work with negative customer reviews.
Date of publication: 11/10/2019
Reading time: 5
The main advertising trends: 6 important points
In the article, we will talk about modern trends in advertising. What is relevant in 2019 and what will be transferred and transformed in 2020
Date of publication: 01/10/2019
Reading time: 4
10 rules for successful lead generation
Today we will talk about the basic rules of lead generation, non-compliance with which leads not only to a waste of resources, but also to disappointment in the entire process of attracting leads.
Date of publication: 05/07/2019
Reading time: 2
Does your offer give a 100% result?
The process of creating a commercial proposal is quite complicated if you want to have a result, and not just send a “dummy”. Today it should not only be unique, but also confirm the status, experience and brand of the company.
Date of publication: 26/03/2019
Reading time: 1
Successful negotiations - successful business: 6 rules for negotiating
Now you are presented with a concentrate of information that will help to properly conduct a conversation and achieve your goals
Date of publication: 22/03/2019
Reading time: 2
7 advertising cliché, the replacement of which attracts more customers
Today we will analyze the most common phrases - clichés that are used in marketing to attract a client, but repel him without causing trust.
Date of publication: 05/03/2019

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