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How necessary and relevant audio advertising today can be found in the previous material, and today there are 7 practical tips for creating it.

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How to conduct business negotiations: 10 practical tips
10 simple tips that, in practice, will help everyone become a successful negotiator
Date of publication: 02/03/2018
Reading time: 2
5 main channels of communication in the B2B market that you need to know about
How to communicate with your b2b clients most effectively and where to do it? Consider the 5 best ways to communicate on the b2b market
Date of publication: 16/01/2018
Reading time: 2
Effective sales culture: how to build a successful company
Why is it important to create a strong sales culture in the company? How does customer focus influence brand success?
Date of publication: 05/12/2017
Reading time: 1
The art of trading, or how to sell sand to a Bedouin
How to learn to sell brilliantly? Tips from the most successful gurus in this area.
Date of publication: 05/09/2017
Reading time: 1
The most difficult objections and how to handle them easily?
Working with objections to sales is the basis of your successful transaction. The principles of working with the most common objections are shared by our experienced sales manager - Tatyana Prus
Date of publication: 04/10/2016
Reading time: 1
How to give discounts: to whom, when and how much?
Give a discount to the client or not? How to haggle when a big deal is at stake? CitySites expert Tatiana Prus answers these questions correctly
Date of publication: 12/09/2016

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